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The Shape and Form 18.02.09

By WarrenLouw
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Hey everyone! So... I decided to do a lil study for myself to help understand certain things about the female shape and form better (stomach in particular). Im no expert at anatomy, so theres definitely more accurate interpretations out there by other artists, but thought Id share it with you all anyway.

Hope you enjoy! =)

• Pencils and colour done in Photoshop CS3 by Wacom Intuos 3

EDIT UPDATE - Discovered a line I didnt connect that carries on from the ribs, passed the hips and runs down into the leg muscle that reaches the knee area.
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Hi, Warren. Hope it's not too late to ask a favour. Is it alright for you to do the back anatomy portion of your Shape and Form figure above? Thanks.
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Simplicité et efficacité !
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aureolin-swatchProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks man - I find your simplification on anatomy is very useful
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I am so favouriting this. I draw female warriors quite a bit (I suck at drawing dudes.) And I still need a lot of practice with drawing a physically fit female body. My friends may be a bit wierded out to see it in my favs, though. :iconotlplz:
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Been trying to draw the female form freestyle (without photo guide) for 30 years. I love your style, this is pure talent my man. Comics industry needs you badly, unless you are already there.
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iNeyraeiHobbyist General Artist
Like it was said before, this is the perfect image of cosmetic refinement that is seen in media nowadays.
Of course, there's nothing wrong with it as it looks good and yeah, but as an artist, it is better to study and draw all kinds of body types and shapes; both male and female.

This has been a small critique (and bad because what the fuck are my English skills otl)
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irocksogoodHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so helpful. : )
Medike-KuroNeko's avatar
Will probably be very useful for me too. Thanks so much ;)
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Starstealer24Student Digital Artist
This will be very helpful for me. I'm working on mastering the human form. Everyone tells me that if i can learn how to draw people well i can draw anything. So that is what im working on.
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Blaze-BelushiProfessional Traditional Artist
great work on the anatomy! I like the style
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Nyte-TymeStudent General Artist
Wow, this reminds me a lot of the original batman animated series style of form.
UraxzHideo's avatar
This will be most helpfull!
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Sweetdemoness87Professional Traditional Artist
very nice, need to practice this style. It seems rather hard but in the end the detail will be worth the effort.
90b's avatar
this is great! I think it will really help me! :)
egoform's avatar
damn, you're good. i just started trying to draw the female form. wow, it's tough
Umega's avatar
Elegant bodies there! :love:
Do you mind if could I make these into pixel bases?
Jonn093's avatar
nice man
dbleegurl's avatar
someone used them here: [link]
kao7's avatar
this is very helpful, i'll definitely be using this as reference in the future. thanks for posting it!
Goatboy360's avatar
This is very good, how did you go about this study? Im struggling myself.
LaBonbon's avatar
The sketches are great and easy to visually digest.
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SecretBossProfessional Traditional Artist
Lately I find that it's good to learn the form thin, muscular, and then fat to better round out (pun not intended) my understanding. Consider people with different proportions as well, since shortys usually have a larger torso by ratio, and skull is proportionately larger as well. Tall people can have long legs, neck, or abdomen, and keeping this all in mind helps. Don't forget about age, and it's effects.
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CunpoStudent Digital Artist
WOW so Beautiful!!!!
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