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The Man's Board - Salomon Snowboards

By WarrenLouw
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This is the artwork to 'The Man's Board', created last year for Salomon Snowboards. This will be Bode Merrills Choice of board for the next season. 
Here's a photo of the actual Snowboard -…

For all of the comments sharing your disapproval of her armor... yes, I know, but this is fantasy and this has been typically designed as "A Man's Board" for the client. In real-life battle it makes no sense at all, but why now does fantasy art now have to be practical in real-life? In the realm of fantasy, you can do anything and in a practical way since its fantasy. The naked female form is beautiful, medieval armor is kick ass and here is the combination of both in the realm of fantasy. Yup, its been done plenty in the past, thats why I made sure to put enough effort into her hair, her face, the design of what armor she does have, the design of her sword, and the white tiger so that the sexual aspect of her nakedness doesn't have to be the only focus on the artwork. Anyway, I hope you like :)

Painted in Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Intuos 3.
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© 2014 - 2021 WarrenLouw
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Awesome pic!!
Kodrago's avatar
Excellent job keep up the good work
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honey that armor is gonna get you killed
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Excellent artwork!
Awesome! I have a question, was Taylor Swift in your mind on this one? Reminds me of her.
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When I caught the thumbnail of this in a browse list, I thought "oh, someone made Taylor Swift into an amazon."
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Dat yummy tummy...
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Just too amazing.What more can be said?
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All the artists that I look up to and am inspired by are all being criticized at the same time...weird.

Love the color choices and the detail on the armor and tiger.
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Is this available as a print anywhere?  :pray:
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Wow, what a trip!  I'm a big Salomon Snowboards and Bode Merrill fan who also just happened to be following you on DA.  This is some weird convergence of awesome in my world.  Great job, fits the board's persona perfectly.
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That sword would be pretty impractical, too... but it kicks ass!
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I love the design of her armor, I know its not functional but its not really meant to be its more like lingerie so yeah XD, but the tiger sword is the best! Seriously, I want one.
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Who cares if it's not functional? I certainly don't!
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omg...I just started a sketch today with a similar…
I didn't even see your work till just now.
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Great work!!

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love the smooth color and beautifull design
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Love this piece.  I wish you uploaded a larger version so I can see more of the awesome time and detail you put into it.  Great job as always.
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