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Been realizing more and more lately just how important real emotion is, not just in artwork, but in real life too. From here I definitely will be focusing on far more studies on all this.
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Guilty for being innocent!
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Adorable! I love the little pout and the abstract lines you added in the hair.
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it's not often that i want to hug a drawing.
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Daw, she is so cute! Her eyes are so sad..., good job!
It is very nice.
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Beautiful pic!
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Nice tonal work! And I really liked the flare effect!
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I immediately thought of Pans Labyrinth.
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just perfect,,Love Clap  i love it !!!!!!!
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Emotion is very important in art. You did a good job capturing innocence and sadness. The value is amazing!  Keep up the awesome work! 
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Awww....someone give that kid a lolipop or something...
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Wow, she's a cutie patootie! But wow, yeah, she does look pretty down... emotions are a huge part of artwork considering the best art can bring out such emotions...
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That's a great realization to come to. Many do not! Good luck with this connection in all of your future artwork. This one is lovely :aww:
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amazing how u did that to her face!!!
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I sense a lot more bleakness than pure sadness.  Like...she wants to be sad, but she just can't summon up the energy.  She's been sad before, for a long time, and she just doesn't want to care, but she does.  Numbness, I think.  

A well-captured moment of emotion.  Well done, my friend!
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That's gorgeous! :heart:
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Very touching. Nice work
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wow, i love it! ♥
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This is a lovely piece!:)
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