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Rui (2004)

Well heres an ancient piece of art of mine... Yes, he's very Final Fantasy. This was back when I was nuts about FF and Tetsuya Nomura.

This was just part of an illustrating project I had set out for myself that consisted of 2 characters, Rui and Andrea. Even though this was still back when I used a mouse to colour, I still enjoyed working on this very much!

Anyway enjoy!

• Scanned pencils coloured in Photoshop 7 by mouse.
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Yeah, I was thinking he was very Cloudish or Zackish, with that huge blade there, but still I love the concept anyways
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very nice draw wow
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Get a chib. Nicely done.
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done with a mouse? wow...! skilled .
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Pretty cool, I can see the nomura influence :D
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whoa sick!!! i love the belts man, what are the ones on his legs connected to tho? or are they like infused with the pants?
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Wow! This picture is awesome!
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Amazing work. You are very talented. I wish I can learn how to draw like that. I guess it takes practice. Keep up the great job. ;)
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This work has been featured! [link] :dance:
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Hey that's my name xD
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Looks like a fusion of Nomura and KOF.... Awsome though xD
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Thanks man! Lol, yeah, this was when I was still in the process of finding my own style.
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I am not surprised that the mouse helped create this, most people are mistaken that if you practise enough, you can get very good results with a mouse.
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This is a art of an expert in drawing... Very good, dude! I want to learn how to draw in this manner using the Corel Draw X3.

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How long did it take to color it by Mouse?
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Um, I think it was about 5-6 days... something around there.
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never seen control on that level. Bravo :wow:
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I have to say this kinda looks like I loved your workshop in imaginefx by the way it totally hit the spot for me.
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