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Robin Williams Tribute

I couldnt believe when I heard the news... His passing has been a tragic shock, leaving me with a deep sadness. This great man, this legend totally made my childhood and he will always be remembered. Thanks for the memories Robin Williams. You are the Pan.

Painted in 3 hours and 10 minutes in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos 3.
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Great Actor, great job!

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'You' did this ?!?  ...  just 'Wow' !  ... just Excellently well done
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Great actor/comedian, but number one husband/father first and foremost. Love it!
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This is a great way to remember him. I grew up watching his films, and Hook is my favorite. The best line for me was . . . "oh, there you are Peter."
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Very nicely done - captured his personality!
Lmao I miss him and all but... His lips are non existent. XD
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We all miss him ! He was talented, and all his movies will remain engraved in our memories !
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First off, love your artwork it's remarkable.

Secondly, I still miss Robin Williams to this very day, it's like a wound that won't heal.
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Nice work
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Still makes me sad.
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Amazing work, made me smile and tear up
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Amazing work, here. Looks like a B/W photo!
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Holy cow! This looks like a photograph! You have amazing talent and I agree with captured him perfectly
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...speechless, God created some special people in this world &
you captured Robin's wonderful smirk to the highest degree! Thank you!
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A great tribute to a great actor/comedian/human being. RIP.
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He was a legend! Heart 
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Wow... just Wow...
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STILL speechless....
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This is an amazing tribute.  Well done
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