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Power Girl 27

By WarrenLouw
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Power Girl 27
for DC Comics

My very first DC cover =) Gotta say, working for the guys at DC was a real pleasure!

This was first created as an inventory cover way back in early 2010, so Im very happy that they have finally found a spot for it on the cover of issue #27 of Power Girl, which is due August 2011.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my version of Power Girl =)

β€’ Pencils and colours created in Photoshop CS3 with an Wacom intuos 3.
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Β© 2011 - 2021 WarrenLouw
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Nice πŸ‘πŸ½

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Looking for a freelance artist for a game.. please contact me at dpayton@thecoreadmin
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Really gorgeous job and Power Girl always has the great body and boobs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍!!!
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You did an amazing job 👏👏👏👏👏👏!!!!
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My God, this is a truly gorgeous work.  

I sure miss Powergirl in comics, she seems to have been exiled or put in Heroine Siberia by The Powers That Be at DC. 

Do you do any commission work?  Send me a message on dA,please
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Good foreshortening!
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this is, imho, one of the best representations of PG ever done. 
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Sublime magnifique :) (Smile) 
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is there a reason for the boob window?
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Apparently its a Kryptonian Fashion trend... but I think we all know why she really has one. My personal thoughts generally on the display of cleavage or boobs in general being such a powerful feature and having such an effect on so many goes far beyond just sex appeal. 

I personally believe that the majority of humans, (brought up in the suppressed ways that we are, leaving us feeling less than worthy and never feeling good enough, etc) are wounded children. I include myself in this. Boobs are our very first experience of warmth, security, nourishment and love. The development of sexuality is our pathway of reconnecting with ourselves and others in more blissful states to bond in deep ways through love. Now because of the wounded state of the child energy, we are seeking relief from it constantly in countless different ways without even realizing. Boobs happen to be a very powerful way for many to find deep relief from inner struggles, no matter how subtle or even unnoticed they are. Because of the blissful states the sexual energy has to offer, its no longer about the love, its just about finding a shortcut to that blissful state for a temporary escape, but without love, it becomes empty and ends up as a drug addiction.

Our experience with breastfeeding produces a hormone called Oxytocin between both mother and child. That is the bonding chemical that creates a deeper emotional bond between humans. Humanity has also lost the ability to bond on deeper levels because of fears and have shut down emotionally in big ways. I believe as humans, we are designed to bond with others in very deep ways but we are not doing so and are left feeling isolated and alone. I believe boobs give many a small glimpse and reminder about the pure emotional states and intimate bonding that once were and can still be (not just through boobs), but most don't understand whats actually going on when they start to feel heightened sensations. They won't even be able to tell you exactly why they love boobs so much, but just that they do and because its boobs... Sexuality is misunderstood and therefore misused because of deep fears of never being enough and trying to find an escape from it, which one small aspect that boobs can offer in big ways, but it will never be the true answer until our fears are faced and dealt with.

So I believe the boob window on a deeper level is a window to representing states of being that have been lost long ago that countless people are trying to find their way back to, but don't yet know how. Its all about reaching a state of being. Its not even about the boobs.

Anyway :) thats just some of my ramblings of what I think personally. Everyone will have their own interpretation that will differ a lot to mine.
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Generally speaking, I have an issue with the trend of "sexualizing" female warriors and heroes.

There's nothing sexier than a strong woman, but when she's half-naked it feels inauthentic - and they're all to often half naked.

I could ramble on about it for several paragraphs, but the real point I want to make is, considering your reply to MapelHockey, perhaps Power Girl's outfit is downright appropriate!
Though, I know nothing about the character, I assume she's invincible or semi-human (since she can fly) and her image conjures a sense of purity as well as righteousness and, well - Power.

If she's got regular human skin, I stand by my gut reaction - but all that aside - this is a stunning illustration!
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She's pretty powerful.
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this is power ! =D
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Simply the Best, Better than all the Rest!
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What a cool pic  :)
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Love the style
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