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My Way - Brushes

My Way (2010)

Thought Id share with you the Photoshop settings I use for my brushes and rendering. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me =)

Hope this helps you guys out!


EDIT: This is now mentioned on the image, but the pencil I use is not Photoshops pencil, but Photoshops paint brush, just set up to be used as a pencil.
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Thanks for this brush, Warren. I have downloaded tons of brushes, not being satisfied with the ones in Photoshop, and, as a newbie, looking for the right brush, when it is not the brush but the artist behind the brush. However, I've been working with your brush and I must say it is the one I go by now. I've only done two paintings (and have no postings in DA here), but it was your brush that just somehow did the magic. Thanks again. Of course, I'm curious as to whether you have any other ones that you've come up with. :) Thanks again for sharing this brush.
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thanks. I love the way you render your color. I wish i could just watch how you do a piece from start to finish :)
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Thanks for the info, how do you get over the problem of that when you go over the colour "streaks" appear? Is there something I can adjust to stop this?
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Im new whit photoshop, T-T you could, upload format ".abr", the brush set? Thnks you are a Great Artist! I love your Work
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How do you get the eyes on your drawings to be so soft and realistic? Mine always come out to be blocky and ugly.
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Thank you~~~~~!
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no question just one like you it's wast if he dead
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Hello Warren Louw. I really like your work and tutorials
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thank you for the sharing
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my friend I thank you a lot.
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strange. if it weren't for the digital piece i finally did I don't think i would've regarded much from this tutorial. I suppose it's true what that Alchemist book says, when you want something, the whole universe conspires for you to succeed.

that aside very helpful tut. short sweet and delivers points that helps in PS and in belief to succeed. nice ;)
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AWESOME! thanks for sharing!! :D
Thanks it looks very helpful
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You haven't any idea how to change pen pressure settings on Photoshop Elements, do you? I can't seem to figure that out.
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Again, very helpful, thanks a lot ! :hug:
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thank you for the brush you beautiful man you
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THank you very much ^_^
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the design of this looks like it came out of a magazine
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im self taught also my art teacher said i wasnt good enough to do it as a college, im building a culture around beauty myself , i hope to be good at what u do someday but it'll be a few years before ive got anything worth promoting, still beauty is one of the best things to capture
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Very Helpful, thx :D
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the brush isnt available? we have to make it by ourselves?
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