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Mariam II

Mariam II (2009)

Been wanting to do this for a while now... Her eyes have probably been the most difficult thing Ive drawn in many years. Was almost in tears because I struggled so much, but was so worth it ♥

Anyway, thought Id share it with you all. Hope you like!

• Pencils and colours done in Photoshop CS3 by Wacom Intuos 3
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This one is amazing
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The Mariam portraits both manage to convey more life and heart than most of the photographs I've seen.  There is a personality shining through these works.  Amazing!
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Great job capturing her eyes. The struggle was worth it. what a beautiful and intelligent looking woman you have made. She should be in a story.
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very nice draw wow
A lot of times, drawn images don't have that authenticity to them that elicits a smile out of the viewer... But this picture really does.

I was poking around deviant art in a bit of an analytical mood trying to find inspiration for a story, so I was really overthinking things. When I saw this picture, it just arrested my thoughts and made me feel happy. It's stunning.

So, thank you for the beauty and the smile! You're one hell of a great artist.
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this is just so beautiful i cant get my eyes of this drawing, it actually inspired me to start drawing too. Thank you Warren
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one good artist would say "this is flat." =\
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Hey nicely done :D

Say say... This is the same Mariam featured in Mariam (I) right ? I was wondering... Why does she look WAY more mature (adult) on this one ? She looks like a ... 22-25 yo woman here, while she looked like 16-18 at most on the other pic ?
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Thanks! Well its nothing more than simply 2 different interpretations of her. This is much closer to how she really looks, whereas the other I decided to go for a younger look.
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Oh ok ^^
Your friend is a very beautiful woman... I read it was hard, but if you ever think of making another portrait of her, don't hesistate and... please share ! ;P

Thank you for sharing your art with us anyway :D
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omg. She is beautiful. awesome
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It looks so
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She looks so beautiful, amazing job :love:
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Wow~ I thought it was a photograph... :D
It's drawn so perfect!!!
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a soft, warm smile
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good god...I´m still learning how to draw like this with photoshop and wacom but I´m f***ing far away from art like this one *buhu*

but it´s an awesome work
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The result is phenomenal. Best eyes I've seen in I can't even remember :)
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