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Just A Lion

By WarrenLouw
Just A Lion (2002)

So... Thought id show you some of my older work. I originally was commissioned through a friend who's wealthy step father wanted me to draw him a portrait of a lion, who was willing to pay plenty. When I eventually completed it after all the huge amounts of time and effort I put into it, the rich bastard only offered me R200 (just under $20). I was so angry, I just refused. I was 17 at the time, but I wasnt that much of an idiot to agree to that.

I got the job done though. I dont think I would have finished it if it wasnt for the idea that I would get paid plenty. I still cant believe I had that much patience for all that detail...

Its nothing too eye-catching but just thought Id share anyway.

• Pencils on A3 paper
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Absolutely beautiful, I love this piece. Do you have prints of it?
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Wow the details are stunning, all that shadow, hair, and grass! Amazing work... just awful he wanted to only pay $20... awesome you put your foot down.
Stunning. How charming of you!
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great story to this
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The details are indeed stunning.....and good riddance to that offer! Underappreciation of artistic effort is such a plague ._.
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and I was like "OMG! I THOUGHT THIS WASN'T REAL!" amazing!
excellent ...its as if one is watching in real life
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I HAVE to repeat what "~TheReaper111" said here:

God damn! How long did that take?!?!?!?!?!?
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God damn! How long did that take?!
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Majestic And Beautiful.
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This is wonderful! Your technique is perfect! Your eye for detail also. Really amazing
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You must have the patience of a goddamn mountain.
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lol yeah, the detail in this peice alone says "I'm going to be payed a lot of money." I'm glad you had the guts to refuse.
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WOW ... fantastic image!
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*DETAIL OVERLOAD* this is just... wow :O
Can you give us the photo and picture comparison?...If you can. But this, THIS IS JUST AWESOME..
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Random comment, I'm going to aspire to draw as well as you with pencil, my best medium, but there nothing like this. XD
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Wow that looks real, great job :D
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HOLY CHRIST you were 17 at the time?? He has endowed you well my friend, I can tell you that
Is it possible to buy the same one?
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just an awsome lion!
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