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May 7, 2010
LibertineMedic said "IFX - Strike A Pose by *WarrenLouw Ever wonder why that drawing you made looks a little... off? Perhaps it was the pose of your character! This informative and well-laid out tutorial will help you perfect your character's posture and clarify your drawing's message."
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IFX - Strike A Pose

IFX - Strike A Pose (2009)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS SPECIFICALLY A POSING TUTORIAL. The female figures used are exaggerated to help accentuate what is normally hidden/too subtle to identify and to differentiate between the different portions. The angling of the poses are of an expressionate and confident nature to once again stress the different portions when posed in various ways. This is NOT a tutorial about human anatomy.

Here's the workshop I did for ImagineFX for their 49th issue (November 2009). In terms of layout, this is my own personal version with some extra features. I shared as much as I could for the time I had, so I hope this will be helpful to you guys!

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Thanks this here will help me greatly with my drawings i always have trouble drawing the sideview position of a character so again thanks for the help. :kiss:
lsfg's avatar
Very useful, thanks
Krytzl's avatar
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pigsinablanket's avatar
can you do a male version? this is so helpful but my male's are suffering :(
PrinceG07's avatar
Thank you so much ~
this will help a lot :D
PsYchICPyro11's avatar
So helpful, Thankyou! Would you be able to do one for guys as well. I know guys aren't normally what you do but it would be really helpful
Vendrixdragon's avatar
love your work and I think this will help me!
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RubyAnnArt's avatar
For sure the best tutorial on poses i've ever seen. Thanks man!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
M1karu's avatar
Sensei, if I read this tutorial 6 yrs ago, I probably would've been 100x better than my current me...
thank you for opening my chakra points and opening the 8 gates of INFINITY!!! with all of my heart, I thank you very much for your inspiration and guidance!!! <3 ^^
WarrenLouw's avatar
Haha, awesome! Really glad you found this helpful :)
M1karu's avatar
i'm forever grateful :bow:
Xaran-Alamas's avatar
I remember this tutorial! The bit about trying different styles has really stuck with me!
Rakaara92's avatar
Wow this is verry good i will add this one to my favorite?;)
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You are incredibly kind! Thank you for this inspiring tutorial.
Kinkifun's avatar
Very informative. Thankyou!
japaneezy's avatar
Is there a high res version of this? Can't read some of the stuff
HarbingerComics's avatar
A very inspirational, and informative tutorial.
creepycrow6's avatar
Thanks! very usefull!!
CommanderHomo's avatar
Such a lovely and amazing posing tutorial ~!!
Gonna use it ~ <333
LaNorthWay's avatar
Thanks for making such a great tutorial :) Super inspiring!
boobsmaker's avatar
Спасибо! Очень красиво и понятно сделано.
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