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GM - Fan Art Masterclass

GM - Fan Art Masterclass (2009)

Here's a how-to I did for GamesMaster magazine for their 219th issue (Jan 2010). In terms of layout, this is my own personal version with some extra features. I hope this will be helpful to you guys!

• Want my brush settings? [link]

• Created in Photoshop CS3 by Wacom
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Thanks so much for this!
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What I really appreciate is the two completely different styled characters shown. Having something demonstrated in multiple ways helps to provide a sense of variety in what can be done with a particular technique and it's really helpful as well as just plain interesting!
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it's amazing, thanks for this tutorial... YOU ARE GREAT
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many, many thanks!
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hey, im a new to coloring....but, do you color on the same layer the flats are on or on a new layer....???
do you put each flat on different layers or all on the same...? i want to start coloring with photoshop and i would like to do it right.... thanx in advance... :)
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Your technique is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing your process!! :heart:
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Do you do each flat color on its own layer, and then shade on the flat color layers, or do you have all of the flat colors on one layer, and then make a new layer for shading/highlight/etc?
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I would keep the flat layers flat, and create new ones above each to colour on, and I'd flatten them on the flat layers once Im happy with them. If I need more highlights, or shadows, colour, or anything, I'd simply create a new layer to do it on and once im happy with it, I'll flatten it with the rest. These days I try keep my layers to a minimum.
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This is perfect! Thanks!
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Thank you so much! I think yhis will help a lot! :3
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I've been given the Level-Up points! Thank you!
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Love it! Thanks so much for the WIP and tutorial! :)
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AMAZING!! thanks for sharing!!
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your mickey mouse looks so badass!!!
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a million thanks
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