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Felicia and Talbain

Felicia and Talbain (2009)

This year I'll be starting off with the cover art I did for UDON's Darkstalkers 2nd vol. trade paperback. The new Darkstalkers series starts this January, and this second volume trade will be out later in May 2010.

Im seriously glad they enjoyed my first interpretation of Felicia (for their DS tribute art book) enough for them to get hold of me to do this. It was a total pleasure working with them, and who knows, maybe I'll get to have my way with some more of their lovely girls =)

Anyway, heres wishing you all here on Deviant the very best for 2010! Lets make this one the brightest the universe has ever seen!

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Wow! She is sexy as hell are great!!!!

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Fabulous and beautiful, do you do requests
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I do them. What would you like?

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I have the comic with that art in it :)
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Possibly the best pice of Felicia ever. :)
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Hey! Don't know if you knew, but this made it onto one of Felicia's cards in the UFS fighter card game. It's always been one of my favorites because of the lovely composition of the work, and I'm truly glad to know where it comes from, now!
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Indeed! Always wanted to know who did it, and then I stumbled across this on Google Image Search! :D
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Love the shading in this, it gives Felicia a realistic look :)

Great work!
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Licking this image does not actually do much to keep my screen clean, but I keep at it anyway. ;-)
That's terrific stuff.
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really beautiful. the shade, the colours, everything.
 credit to shinkiro for the composition.

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I love hair that transforms into a new universe like that! Great job :D
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No words! impressive!
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One of the best Vampire saga paintings I have ever seen. Thank you for doing it.
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Gorgeous! Amazing!
Awesome pic,skills +++,love the meanacing wolf and how the hair ties it in..Bravo.
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