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Cat (2009)

Been wanting to create an artwork of her for ages now. So here she is, Catherine. The best sister I could ever ask for!
Love you Cat! :heart:

• Pencils and colour created in Photoshop CS3 by Wacom Intuos 3
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What a hottie! :heart: :eyes:
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wonderful, amazing work~! 
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Beautiful lady!
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This is so good! Almost thought it was a photo.
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Those eyes.  Can't.  Look.  Away.

Also, I like that expression.  It's very cute.
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do you have any tutorials of how you did this, this is really amazing..beautiful...
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This is just gorgeous! Amazing work
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Wow, your colors are spot on the shading in very nice, I love this piece.
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youare brilliant
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I really like the compositional angle and the upward use of the eyes. 
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if this is your sister i wanna meet her!! please :) haha very nice work. i love all your art !!
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Beautiful, excellent handling of proportions and personality of the picture, nice work
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She somewhat reminds me of Amy Lee-- lead singer of Evanescence. Really cool :happybounce: 
This looks just like my late sister. How I miss her. But thank you its such a wonderful picture anyway I hope you don't mind me sharing it. :dalove:
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If this illustration is correct (I'm sure it is!:-) You are a lucky family, incredibly talented brother and incredibly beautiful sister :-)Your Gallery is magnificent Warren,You are an outstandingly talented illustrator,Congrats to you :-)
can you please show the original Photo of your sister b'coz She looks exactly like my WIFE...
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You, my friend, have one, HOT, wife! May you two spend all of time together!
She looks almost exactly like my WIFE...
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She looks almost exactly like my cousin...weird.
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