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December 23, 2020
Beth Harmon by WarrenLouw
Featured by phoenixleo
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Beth Harmon


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Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Been awhile since I've done Photo-realism. Was fun!

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GrandmasterGM's avatar

You should send that to Anya Taylor-Joy and/or Netflix, I'm sure she would love it!

You captured the confident boredom Beth was be unable to hide as Anya evolved her character

MadBasis's avatar

That's so good Warren, mad props.

Slofkosky's avatar

Wow! Such incredible talent and work.

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Keriwan's avatar

Wow ! Really impressive !

00Prime's avatar

Incredible piece of art!

fandomartjadyn's avatar

Omg I just finished watching the queens gambit!!!!!!!!!!! I liked it! Amazing drawing!!!!! kinda creepy I saw this after finishing it lol.

Perfect how the colors blend together to create the perfect image of the character.



perfection, love the hair shades

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CosmoJamm's avatar

Wow! Congrats on the DD.

KayAhTickFractal's avatar

eye catching for sure! beautiful work.

Kishintora's avatar

Masterpiece :faint:

Keep it up !

Absolutely beautiful.

MisterMistrz's avatar

Excellent work. :clap:

Babmil's avatar

Очень круто получилось я в восторге <зз

Nes44Nes's avatar

A Queen's Gambit on Netflix!! Great mini series & amazing artwork! Nicely done!

This is incredible

Not many artists can do BOTH photo style realism & cartoonish characters like you do (it's usually one or the other).

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