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Page 18: Revealing Evil Things



Well, um.
I hate my coloring amateurishness. and poor writing. and messy lines.
the story continues?

ugh. it doesn't seem clear.

this is supposed to be the dude from earlier strip, who was choking the life out of someone. The idea is that his prominently featured ring is used for mind control, and he's been causing all these comedic visions. Original idea was that he'd actually BE FUNNY. but i am not Doctor Writes-funny-lines. Probably should have had him be so wordy. you can't even make out the threat? that he'll walk around an choke the final air from each Brominz body?

In the end, our Radio boy, Burill, is shot in shoulder and hand, and his messy falling fingers turn on radio static - which disrupts the newly re-introduced villian. So anyone can jump back in on the story, but jonason can still continue the funny.

Once again i was trying to be all tricky and subtle, but my skills just make it look childish. so i doubt people will look for subtle. or maybe it's just shit. hmm.

If the story points didn't come across, heh, please do comment (and suggest what should have been done, por favor)
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