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NickHagen - Untitled03

By warrenEBB
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This was created for Nicholas Hagen's Untitled Movie Project #1 (temp title).

Continuing the theme of the other 2 color concepts here (er except i guess this will be listed first in the group? oop), this artwork features overly colorfullll coloring. Covered with a bunch of "lush-ification." All three of these pieces feature a bit too much of the photoshop trickery I've come to abuse over the years. Basically meaning: lightsaber effects. (ie, making a screen layer, blurring it, forcing it to a certain color - then duplicating and further bluring it). Once again, i probably should have made all the clothing a bit less varied. but i hate color and don't understand it. yet. yet?

I also abused a photoshop preset brush for the dark leaves. I'm nervous this is a huge misstep in the art community. but i've never seen it in anyone elses work. soo, nyah.

The concept here is that the car is about to run these people over, and explode. It shouldn't be clear which will happen first. Nick asked me to add in a shockwave of energy, kinda like the revised deathstar explosion, so i went a little nuts with it. The metal head dude is off to the right cowering behind a car, because he knows what will happen, and is lifting a cheap ghetto blaster up to blare some sort of rocking soundtrack for the event. In theory this is a "river road". but didn't think you'd find a suitably straight road for this moment in the movie, next to a river. I'm not sure why i thought/think this. hmm.

This picture feels like the weakest of the three, to me, but i can't put my finger on why exactly. ... Perhaps the road being too much brown, and the vegetation being too much green. or the clothing beeing too rainbow brite. hmm. HMMM. I wonder if we'll ever know. (all comments and advice welcome).

anywho. If you'd like to know more about the movie this was made for, please keep an eye on Nick's website (and check out clips from his other work) here: [link]
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