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This was created for Nicholas Hagen's Untitled Movie Project #1 (only untitled publicly so far. There is a title. A great title. I just didn't want to spread his cool title around until the film is ready).

I drew this initially to get the job, and then went back and revised it once the other 2 color concept art pieces were completed (to drag the costumes closer to the actual/final costumes. kinda. and to try and improve the colors).

The idea here was to show our three heroes in their costumes, tearing ass down an alley to attack some small time criminals who are stealing a safe. I kind of pussied out and just showed the main character (with his back to us) and pieces of the others. At this resolution it's hard to see that one of the crooks is looking down to confirm that he's just peed himself. hmm.

I feel like making a note here, and everywhere, that i'm new to color work (advice?), and tweaking the color took up 99% of the time on this project (adding, hueing, desaturating, highlighting/dampening, filtering, then removing). I ended up just putting in photo reference for the distant background and tracing it. SO BE IT.

A friend suggested i add edge highlights to pop the characters. And i respect this advice. but have no experience of idea how to properly do this. eek. He also noted that the perspective was all wrong. But heh, whatever. I like the perpective all wrong. I like the idea that maybe the woman is 20 feet tall. RA!

For more information on the movie this was made for, keep an eye on Nick Hagen's website: [link]
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