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GrandOlSpaceOpera 08:Crew Cuts

By warrenEBB
Page 8 of the GrandOlSpaceOpera experiment. [link]
Rough colors. and general quick crap quality.
But wanted to get something up quick so kruddman could keep on keepin' on.

This turned out a lot less clear than i was planning. If you don't understand what's going on, please comment and i'll do my best to make it more clear by tweaking the artwork. (blush).

The idea was just to setup that some of the savages have snuck in and caught the crew unaware. Since i thought the king guy was getting too much airtime, i thought he should be seriously wounded to take him out of the mix for a little while.

Figured it would be good to lead right up to action, and let someone else run with it.
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I find this interesting from a visual standpoint.