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welll. This didn't turn out as i'd hoped.

i hate COLOR! ugh.

The idea was to introduce a sniper, and have the comic panels be the view he saw as each shot went off. With the victims' distant yelling visually hard to make out, because we're hearing it dimly from far away. blah blah. (I was originally going to skip dialogue altogether. but i couldn't resist)

Overall I wanted to introduce a weapon that could cut through the post holding up the king. ... nudge nudge...

(This is the idea of the final panel, that the post just got a big hole in it, along with the guy feebly trying to hide behind it).

... also, i've probably been playing too much Team Fortress 2. Part of me thinks it'd be cool if everyone just did a page of this battle in the style of a class from that game... nudge nudge?

Original Idea: was going to have a guy run out of the ship holding a radio, get blown away, everyone takes cover, metal beam is shot almost completely through lowering the king over onto a burning part of the ship's engine so he could catch fire. No one wants to run to help him because of the sniper that has them all pinned down. The mutants would laugh with evil glee. one loyal soldier would steel himself to make the run.

then i told myself i should just do one simple thing well, rather than fuck up a big thing - and let other contriubutors take it where they will. erf.

In the end it just seems like i put a helluva a lot of time into this, and it still looks gaudy and amateurish. I guess i want to suddenly be a great airbrushing coloring fool. but would looooove to skip all the years of practice this will take. ugh. ugh uh uh.
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