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Crossfit tshirt male

By warrenEBB
A friend hired me to design a t-shirt for his colleague's unique weight training service. After the intial approach seemed to be going in the wrong direction after weeks of iterations (see feminine version), I whipped this design up in a couple hours.

The goal here was to use the company's black spartan helmet logo exactly (well, flipped horizontally, with a couple added flourishes), and draw a macho badass guy flexing his muscles. My original doodle looked more like the skin had been removed to reveal all these bulging ropes, but as i recreated it in illustrator i ended up simplifying, and putting those weird edge-shadow-line-things which i seem to put in everything. not sure why. hmmf.

anywho. i put it all inside a square to suggest a more solid package. hope this came across. I think it looks more solid than not having the space defined. but the square somehow seems light and the shirt seems kinda flimsy to me. not sure why really. hmm. comments welcome!
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