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Haruhi Suzumiya

Full View Please!

I've got a Haruhi fic, might as well have some Haruhi fanart. :3 Also someone challenged me to draw her a while back, too.

This was so fun to CG. I'm pleased with how the hair turned out. I tried a new method of CGing it and it took a looong time. ;_;

yaaaay xD

edit: fixed her ears and added lips. xD
edit2: fixed her eyes so they're not OMG-PUPIL-LESS-COLOUR-BLOBS D:

~The SOS Brigade~
~Haruhi Suzumiya ~ Yuki Nagato ~ Mikuru Asahina ~ Itsuki Koizumi ~ Kyon-Kun~
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Haruhi12346's avatar
wow, this picture is beautiful
sonicfire65's avatar
guys Haruhi's got that i'm gonna erase the world from existence look again somebody call doctor who XD

also love this
AmericanPatriot2011's avatar
Great picture! Haruhi looks as if she's up to something for some reason. :hmm:
KazeNoRinku's avatar
because she always is, that's just Haruhi.
Shotgunryugan's avatar
Really great drawing,i love that show and i'm just recently starting it(finished episode 5)
Andreasantoni's avatar
Haruhi Suzumiya looks like a 60's supermodel.
The-Sensai's avatar
This is the best picture of her yet.
Storyweaver1's avatar
The Scheming of Haruhi Suzumiya. XD. Seriously, it looks awesome.(especially the eyes) That pose fits her so well.
cherrybubblegum's avatar
Wow...I love it, especially how you coloured it! :love: I'm assuming lots and lots of gradients were used to colour this?
Anti-Neutrino's avatar
Yet another plot is hatching in Haruhi's head. I feel sorry Kyon, heh.
warpstar99's avatar
Yep, he's a goner. xD
bloomingmai's avatar
THATS AMAZING:clap:!!!! i like her eyes:+fav: :D
warpstar99's avatar
THank you so much!
bloomingmai's avatar
Moofishstargirl's avatar
Wow, this is really pretty! I like the pose on this one^^
warpstar99's avatar
JonCausith's avatar
Wow, nice job! :clap:
warpstar99's avatar
I'm glad you like it~
Medabot-Freak's avatar
Sweet! This is so cool!
warpstar99's avatar
Shinji-Leaf's avatar
Omfg, warpstar my friend o.o This is so damn beuuuutiful!!!!! <3
warpstar99's avatar
Thanks very muchly!! Glad you like it~ ANd thanks for the fav too! *mua ha ha*
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