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Information Box Above All

Welcome to the club WarpedDesigns.

We collect dark, warped, twisted, horror-themed, or otherwise uniquely frightening artwork and literature. We have a variety of folders for organizing and displaying our collected deviations.

:star:All Club Rules Belong To Us:star:
And you better follow them, dammit.

Remember: It may take several days for us to review your submission.

Submission Rules:
:bulletred: All member submissions are subject to these rules. If your submission is denied, it is because it did not meet one or more of these guidelines. Some rules carry more weight than others, and some rules can be broken in varying degrees. These rules are not black and white, and few exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
:bulletred: Pictures must be obviously warped, twisted, dark, and/or out of the ordinary. Creativity is also important. We've got quite enough rainbow puke, thank you.
:bulletred: There is no requirement to submit. You can join and submit nothing and it's totally fine.
:bulletred: A drawing of a character who is goth or punk or part of some "darker" subculture isn't enough. Some tats, piercings, and a Manson shirt aren't enough.
:bulletred: Rainbows and unicorns and all of that ass happy stuff is also allowed, but like everything else, it has to FIT THE RULE ABOVE.
:bulletred: Put your submission in the correct folder. Details about folders can be found here… and a good rule to follow is how much your deviation would match what's currently in the folder.
:bulletred: The Featured Folder is for Contributors <listed as tickers) only, and they submit directly to it without needing votes.
:bulletred: Only 3 submissions per day.
:bulletred: All media's are allowed as long as it's art, but we will NOT accept photography under almost all circumstances. Some photomanipulation work may be accepted, but only if it's especially dark or twisted.
:bulletred: For comics, the entire story must take place in the single deviation. We cannot accept page after page. It must be stand alone. A series is okay, but only if it's one full story per deviation. (Exceptions to this rule are rare, but if you have an entire series you would like included, group note us and we'll consider it.)
:bulletred: Yes, we do accept anime BUT it has to to follow the very top rules. Make it insane, bloody, or scary.
:bulletred: Please submit your very best works.
:bulletred: Please, no sketches or unfinished works!
:bulletred: If the quality is not good enough, we will not accept it. Coloring and aesthetic proportion is important as well as a decent quality scanner. If we can tell from the quality that your work was photographed instead of scanned, it is less likely for it to be accepted.
:bulletred: By aesthetic proportion, we mean that we will accept chibi or other non-anatomically accurate styles as long as they look good logically and visually.
:bulletred: Please, no character profiles, or pictures with text explaining their name and age and stuff. We're looking for pieces of art, not reference material for your original characters. This also includes deviations featuring licensed song lyrics or other material not owned by you.
:bulletred: If an image's background is just white space, it's less likely for it to be accepted. Transparent is okay as long as it looks good. Showing lined paper is not generally acceptable, though.
:bulletred: If we need to know the back story of your image to tell it's warped, we probably won't take it.
:bulletred: And nothing too explicit. We will accept mature deviations, but not literal porn. Submissions must follow dA's guidelines for explicit content.
:bulletred: Didn't think we'd have to add this, because the rest of the rules already exclude them, but no adoptables.
:bulletred: No copy art. For example, redrawing a piece of official art with the intention of it looking almost just like the original. Fan art is okay, as long as it's original, and still warped.
:bulletred: Do not submit traces or stolen work. We will not accept any work that is not your own, with consensual collaborations being the only exception.
:bulletred: Of course, the rules are not limited to these, and for many rules there will be some exceptions, but not many.
:bulletred: All standard member submissions are subject to Co-Founder vote.

Club Rules:
:bulletred: Please do NOT ask to become a contributor (ticker)! If we want you as one, we will tell and ask you. Feel free to request to join as a regular member, though.
:bulletred: Be nice to everyone. We don't accept dick moves or comments. You may be removed from the group for disrespectful behavior.
:bulletred: BE PATIENT. We're trying our best to check the club daily and whenever we can. Submissions can take longer on weekends.
:bulletred: If your submission didn't get accepted, it's because it didn't either fit the gallery submission rules or it wasn't the best it could be. Like a failed Pokemon trainer. Ok that was mean but sorta funny.
:bulletred: If you have any questions regarding a declined submission, feel free to send us a group note or send a regular note NephilV.
:bulletred: Any questions you may have can be sent as a group note or posted on the main page. Please don't post questions like "Can I submit this?" Please just go ahead and submit the picture and it'll either be accepted or declined. There's no penalty for declined submissions but please stick to the submission rules.
:bulletred: Be nice to Bacon. He's sensitive...
:bulletred: This rule we can't even believe we have to add, but we will NOT under any circumstances accept any art designed to insult or make fun of another artist, or art that is designed to promote drama. Thank you.

And more rules to come possibly.

Have fun btw.

Folder Explanations!

:bulletred:Featured: Contributor exclusive folder, where submissions are not subject to vote. The posts here can fall under any category, but our contributors may also use the regular folders when appropriate. Occasionally we may move a regular member's deviation to the Featured folder in order to, well, feature it.
:bulletred:Black and White: This is for black and white images, with a stark contrast between the two. Very detailed line art or inked but colorless images go here. Monochrome or greyscale pictures go to Monochrome. And comics, even if black and white, go to Dark Comics.
:bulletred:Insanely Colorful: This is for unnaturally or insanely colorful artwork, images that are twisted, but do so in bright and brain-melting or eye-bleeding ways. No dull or expected colors for this folder.
:bulletred:Bloody and Murdery: This is for images depicting gore, blood, or any other violent or homicidal act.
:bulletred:Dark, Twisted, Scary: This is for metaphorically dark, disturbing, or frightening images. Things with creepy aspects or undertones, terrifying auras, and other aspects go here.
:bulletred:Epicly Strange: This is for the unique, the mysterious, and the unexplained. Of course, it also has to be twisted. Slightly abstract images are allowed here, as well as art that defies physics, logic, or sanity.
:bulletred:Cute but Twisted: This folder is for cute but also twisted, dark, or bloody things. Creepy dolls, (occasionally) chibis, and other art that can not only be considered warped, but also cute.
:bulletred:Monochrome: This folder is for greyscale or other pictures with ONE colored used mostly. Another color or two is okay, but there has to be ONE dominant color present.
:bulletred:Funny and Comedic: Images depicting dark humor or black comedy go here. We can accept some short comics here, but any more serious comics go to the Dark Comics folder. This folder is a bit more lenient about how dark it must be, as dark humor is often hard to define. Generally, as long as something is considered "wrong" but still funny, it can go here.
:bulletred:Misc and Etc: Anything dark that doesn't fit anywhere else would go here. This is also considered the most lenient folder, but it still follows the group's standards as shown in the rules.
:bulletred:Literature: Short stories, poetry, scrips, and other written material that is dark, warped, or scary. We're looking for all you Poe's, Lovecraft's, and even King's, I guess.
:bulletred:Dark Comics: This is where, well, the comics go. Even if they fit another category, unless it's just a short joke, it belongs here. Note the group or NephilV if you want to post an entire comic series.
:bulletred:Monsters and Beasts: Thanks to the subject matter of some undeniably dark art I've seen submitted to our group that didn't seem to have a logical place, I created this folder for monsters, creatures, beasts, dragons, and any other scary things that clearly aren't human. Humanoid beasts are allowed, but they have to be quite monstrous.
:bulletred:Flash and Animated: If it MOVES, this is its home. Blinking eyes, flashing lightning, flowing blood... If it was made in Flash, here is where it be.
:bulletred:Bacon, our Mascot: This folder is specifically for fan art of our wacky gender-bending mascot, Bacon McGigglenuts BaconMcGigglenuts. With the upcoming contest, this folder will surely receive some more attention.






Locust Queen






No, no new management yet. But perhaps soon!

I've been with this group for more than five years, and I think it's time to move on as I become less active on Deviantart. So, who wants to apply to take my place as main administrator and "The Decider" on what submissions we can accept? Depending on the number of responses, I may send out a questionnaire to determine who is most qualified. I'll still check in time to time just to see what the group looks like. I also hope that whoever takes over maintains the general spirit of quality I've tried to keep up.

If you're interested, please comment below or send a group note, if that's even still a thing.

EDIT: Currently, we're deliberating on how many positions we'll be opening. Some of you who've commented have already been contacted and that may not be all. Things are going to change around here, in time. If you're just reading this, feel free to comment if you're still interested!
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:iconstopsignplz: :iconstopsignplz:
Before commenting, remember. If you're asking why a submission is declined, it's better to do that on the submission's page or through group note. And if you're asking if you can submit something, just go ahead and submit. There's no penalty for denied submissions. Feel free to ask other questions here. Thanks! -NephilV


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Marcus-the-carcus Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
man you guys really don't like my art or something 
CloverToon Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Apologize, we're looking for a certain quality of work.

If you find you can't get anything accepted I suggest trying :iconcrazedup: as I usually accept any type of work there.
greyskill Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I'm having a contest!
I just wanted to tell people here because there art is so cool.

The theme is monster pets

Design a pet and submit it before the 30th of April and you could win a commission by me! =]

Check it out here for more info and rules! I hope to see some of you joining!…

I hope it was okay to post this here, sorry if it isn't, I'm just trying to spread to word!
DaniDrama Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You declined me. Is it for quality again or for something else? :/
CloverToon Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Please comment any concerns on the submission's page rather than the front page of this group.
If you feel you're getting denied often I suggest checking out :iconcrazedup: since they allow any art as long as it seems 'crazy'.
Have a wonderful day!
CaptainKaspurr Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Laughing so hard that the I'mhorrifiedplz account is an admin xD
NephilV Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016  Professional Writer
Haha, it only looks that way.
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