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I drew this for my art class. I sketched it from an advertisment in a tattoo/piercing magazine, Savage. Yes, the image was only of HALF of her face. I didn't get lazy. lol.

I did this during a detention (lol) with colored pencils, on lime green paper. ^_^ Sexy, eh??
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i love this sari you amaze me. im so proud of you babe:heart:
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Lol first I thought it would be a photo with an effect that the image would be in geen.
That means: Nice work!!! :lol:
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You're welcome! :)
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Very nice piece! Just curious, what were you in detention for?
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Haha [PDA or FUCK YOU!]... opposite ends of the spectrum!
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That was almost 2 years ago... I think it was for "public display of affection" or cursing at someone in the hallway really loudly. lol... whoops...
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I really love how you drew her eye... :D
And I love how it's only one colour :heart:
Detention can be good for some things! :giggle:
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Mucho gracias!! I also love how it's in one colour... especially that it's green. lol. My favorite colour.

And yes, it's true, detentions can definately be good for some things. Haha!

Thank you for commenting. It's most appreciated!!
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