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Holy Bonds

They are connected by the strongest of bonds.

This belongs to Triforce Voyage AU, in which Link, Zelda and Ganondorf teamed up together to save the land of Hyrule.


Colored comic teaser "STRESS"

Travelling Together | Departure | Triforce Babies | Voyage Voyage | zzzZZZzz | Chirp | Sleepless nights | Zelda Concept | Ganon Concept | Link Concept |  

Short animations:
You are finally awake | Quiet, you two | What is this place?
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would love to see this in video game form

JD-Kloosterman's avatar

It would be interesting to see an adaptation where Ganondorf was the good one... although it'd be hard to portray the holder of Power as an underdog.

tsumefan2's avatar
so ganondorf turned over a new leaf?
JazzQueen92's avatar
Just imagine if Ganondorf wasn't the reincarnation of Demise and he became one of the chosen heroes. That would be something. 
tsumefan2's avatar
omg so they have a truce?
KCStylus's avatar
This is wonderful. I hope I can find it via moble device
MariaCool1234's avatar
That's how they call the triforce when ganondork isn't an bad guy.
Nice art!
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I do Have a question. If Ganondorf is working with them, then who's the principal antagonist?
Deathclaw55555's avatar
Maybe it's Demise.
DarkLuaisy64's avatar
Dude, Ganondorf is the reincarnation of Demise -_-
Deathclaw55555's avatar

I see them as seperate beings, though...!!!
HyliaGirl42's avatar
that's what I was wondering ^u^'
Contraltissimo's avatar
What a beautiful scenario! ^__^
leontinees's avatar
Teamed up?! :faint: This must be awesome!
ulriksen's avatar
see that would actualy be a cool idea.  where a threat comes along,a d forces them to work together, andthey learn the true potentials of the pieces of the triforce that they hold.      
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I love this, the art, the Idea, the coloring. awesome!
MagicalDragon8's avatar
I love this picture as an idea of Zelda, Link and Ganondorf as friends, as a team of destiny, determinded by the goddesses! Epic!
warningyou's avatar
HECK YEAH i agree with u
SakuraNights's avatar
Ooh, this looks awesome!! Love it!
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So is this like... getting the Triforce of Power created such a strong bond that Ganon snapped out of the brainwashing BS job the witches did on him? 'cause that sounds awesome. :3 ♥
warningyou's avatar
Actually he is never brainwashed. Just a normal gerudo dude chosen by the gods, who met the other two chosen ones and became friend with them :33
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