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Conversation with Greed

Greed's sex problem has always concerned me. :?
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That moment you're 200 years old... and you still haven't gotten laid...
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And you get a hot body that belongs to someone only 15 years old. XD
greedyfoxy's avatar
btw greed is only 200 years old
ocupers's avatar
XD XD XD XD this is funny
ramen10's avatar
It NEVER accrued to me that Greed MIGHT be a virgin!
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Do you think that you could make a story/comic about Greedling liking the same girl? And I'm talking about 'like like'. I mean, it's hard to think that Greed ever loved anyone instead of it being a one-night stand.
greedyfoxy's avatar
possibly im not the best artist
ramen10's avatar
It doesn't matter if you're good or not. the drawings you did in 'conversation with greed' are pretty good. Besides, you could always just wright the story, and not have to draw it if you don't want to.
miki-chan13's avatar
(chuckles) this is good.
crimsonless's avatar
I think if Gluttony had died before Greed was reborn than Ling would have been the new Gluttony but I still prefer him as Greed. :D
greedyfoxy's avatar
..... would ling really change other than the portal he voice if it was gluttony not greed, face it they both eat a lot.......rlly? plz Julien is not impressed  seriously is there gonna be any other differences actually he would look scary with the defected portalFoxy Intensifies Chat Icon Scared brb I gotta go draw and gve my friends nightmares
MangaX3me's avatar
That makes sense... :O Though it's pretty sad if he can't feel lust? that kinda destroys some yaoi fantasies :XD: Hmm, stupid Greed and Ling, changing the subject into food, now that it was so amusingly awkward having you talk about sex. -.-
warningyou's avatar
Well... that's true.... But since he is in Ling's body, things may change... I am pretty sure Greed can at least have a boner.
If the conversation doesn't end there... me, as a yaoi fangirl, would make them stepping into some dangerous zones... :horny:
vampiresongka's avatar
oh this makes so much sense~ awwww :iconlingdanceplz: he is so cute...tee hee. talking about food~ poor ling,
greed should let him eat~ =3
warningyou's avatar
Greed don't like to have someone taking over his body, specially when that person only attempt to eat :meow:
Greed: You don't wanna... dunno, use this opportunity to do something productive??
Ling:What? I didn't hear you:chew:
Greed:....forget me.
vampiresongka's avatar
tee hee~ that would happen of course. i bet i know what
greed sees as productive opportunity ;3
warningyou's avatar
Productive opportunity..huh...:plotting:
Ling:Ah~ It's been so long since I felt my body for the last time...Nn...
Greed: Don't do that with me inside!!!/////

Yeah.That is productive.Good job Greed.
Greed: I didn't mean THIS!!!!/////
vampiresongka's avatar
=-D akldjaodaoisdhaoihfo ahahahahahahahah~ oh greed.
next time be more clear with your words~
OvertureSpirit's avatar
I love it! <3
Anyway, I think a homunculus needs to eat, why not?
warningyou's avatar
Well, since they are inmortal, and neither Envy nor Pride seems disturbed by the fact they have to stay enclosed without food...:shrug:
Maybe Greed only ate because Ling's body is special...(the second glottony)
OvertureSpirit's avatar
That's true, but I remember that once Greed said to Alphonse that his body was amazing even because he didn't need to eat...
So, I think he can get hungry ^^
warningyou's avatar
:O You are right!
Hmm.... homunculus, misterious beings:confused:
Okay let's say that Greed can have sex and eat like a normal people :chew::D
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