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The Truth of the Rebellion
The truth of the Rebellion. I believe Hera would have a Reshiram as her leader for her Pokemon team. As anyone who has seen the entirety of Star Wars Rebels knows that she sought as well as had the truth of the Rebellion. While I see Sabine giving Zekrom to Bo instead of keeping the legendary for herself. (As Sabine seems to see herself as unworthy of the dark saber hence giving it to bo) I see Hera staying with Reshiram for as long as possible. Maybe just maybe giving it to only one other person after the war is all said and done. For those of you that have seen the end of Rebels, you'll know who I'm referring to. 

Zekrom, Bo, Sabine artwork:…

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Amidst the shooting stars, there is this legend…

There was a girl. She studied long and hard at the local academy. She had studied to become a starship captain. Hearing stories of people exploring the stars. Finding hope and prosperity. Now her parents were both knights. Loyal to the rulers of the planet. They wanted their daughter to follow in their footsteps. Becoming a knight as well. When the parents found out that their child had chosen her area of study. They were not happy.

After she had graduated they prepared a meal within their home. Taking out a small vial of poison. Having paid one of the many lab sciences well. That worked in the castle to create it. As the vile was slipped into her food and drink. She ran downstairs. For her graduation dinner. As she ate and drank. She spoke of many heroics. Accounts of solving diplomatic issues, finding lost treasure and fighting in wars. The graduate had an older brother. He was the captain of the royal guard. Like his parents before him. He too had achieved this great rank.

Wishing for his sister to do the same. She had instead chosen a different path. So the captain was more than willing to go through with the plan. However, the more she spoke about the stories of space travel. As well as the good that came from the adventures. The more the brother began to support his sister. As he watched her take the utensils she used. Over to the sink. Washing them clean. The brother could only look on. Knowing it would only be a matter of time. She wouldn’t be long for this world. He now only desired a cure. For the poison that she had consumed.

As the parents led her to her room. The moment she stated she was feeling ill. The captain snuck out as soon as the chance arrived. He headed to a to all of the medicine markets in town. None of them sold an antidote. He looked at the castle in the distance. The sun begins to set from behind the castle walls. This was all his fault. He had an opportunity to stop it and didn’t. Why couldn’t the captain and their parents support her? The family had been cruel to their child. Over not supporting a family legacy. Now it was too late he feared. He had been unable to acquire an antidote.

He walked outside the town. Into the dark forest. Sitting on a rock. With his head in his hands. Moments later came a sound. The captain heard the loud sound appearing to be close to him. He looked up to see a single woodpecker. Located on the tree next to him. It had been pecking and now stopped briefly. Seeing to look straight into the captain's eyes.

It flew down landing in front of him. The captain noticed something sparkling. In a hollow part of the tree. Where the bird had been. He stood on his feet. Inside the hollow opening was a treasure. He sulked back down again. His hopes slashed. The noise began again. The tiny bird was working tirelessly at a different tree. Then another and another and another. The captain rose to his feet. Walking over to each tree. Noticing the same thing contained within each.

As he watched the bird finish up. This one tree contained a small vial. The captain realized this clear bottle of liquid must be it. The cure he’d been looking for. Though he dares not touch it. For the bird was now sitting on a small branch. Appearing to look directly at him. It landed next to the captain. At that moment. White light glowed all around it. As the bird took a taller form. This form revealing to be a woman. The captain jumped back in surprise. After a few moments. The captain regained his focus. Turning in the direction the woman faced. She was looking at the tree in which the antidote was kept. The captain watched her retrieve the vial. Studying the small container. As if it could break at any moment. With a wave of her hand flames touched the air.

“Someone you care for deeply is ill.”

The captain stood there still as stone. A look of surprise covered his face.

“How would you know my sister is- She must’ve seen everything as that small bird.” He realized cutting himself off. “Who are you anyway?” The captain asked impatiently. Before the woman could respond. He gave a grunt of frustration. “I don’t have time for this.”

He looked back at the woman. Then at the bottle in her hand. Taking off heading for home. He ran upstairs to his sister's room. There she was laying in her bed. Her chest barely moving up and down. Her breathing ragged. His parents would be pleased. That their traitor of a daughter would be dead soon. He slowly walked over to her bedside. Tears sprang from his eyes. His family legacy was valued as more important. Then their own flesh and blood. Even her happiness hadn’t been taken into account. He failed. The captain knew his sister's life was over.

After some time of mourning over his dying family member. He opened his eyes once more. To a familiar sound of pecking on the window. He slid the window open. Seeing it was the woodpecker from before. She held the vial of antidote in her talons. She glided inside. Taking the form of the woman from before. She walked over to the bed. Where the young girl lay. Looking at her form closely. As if checking for injuries.

She was starting to shiver. The woman shot the captain a look. Without a second thought. He ran out to the hall. Featuring at least two blankets. Placing them gently on her. The captain gave a look of worry. The woman nodded in approval. This helped to ease his mind. Still having the full container in hand. She moved her head to the door. Motioning for the captain to walk with her. When they were outside. Flames burnt through the air.

“You left without giving me a chance to answer your question.”

The captain held his hand down. Looking back up as he felt more heat tense up the air. She gave him her name. Explaining that she was here to assist.

“I can give you the vile.” She said holding it up. “But only if you give me something most precious to you in return.”

The captain thought long and hard. Pacing back and forth frantically. In front of the woman. He now knew as Savitri. What could he give the fire mage? In exchange for the vile? They had no spell books within their home to give. His mother had given over her engagement ring. To his sister. No that wasn’t enough. Their family legacy meant everything to them. After what the three had plotted. He knew they didn’t deserve it. Such a good reputation should only go to the kind-hearted. Not wicked men such as themselves. Still, there was something even more valuable. His life was the most precious thing he could give. He stopped pacing. Taking a knee before Savitri.

“I will gladly trade my life. In exchange for my sisters. Please just take care of her for me.”

He focused on the ground. Blinking several times to hold back tears. There hadn’t been a moment of hesitation to his words. The sincerity was clear.

“Rise bring your sister to the forest. There she shall be cured.”

The captain did as asked. He headed inside to retrieve his sister. Bringing her to the forest. Lying her in the center of it. Where Savitri waited for them. Savitri handed the vial over to the captain. The captain administered the antidote. Time passed and the captain's sister fulfilled her goal. Becoming a starship captain. The brother assisted Savitri for the rest of his days. Giving his life to her in servitude. As he had promised. The treasure within the trees. Had been recovered by the citizens of the kingdom. As for the cruel parents. They burned to death. When their home mysteriously caught fire.
This Legend is told by the fairies of the forest…

A girl lived alone in a small house. The house was located in a mystical forest. She provides protection to all in the forest. As a gifted mage. Under the guidance and tutelage of her now deceased father. In return, the creatures proved bread and drink. One day a prince was riding at a quick pace. He and his horse stopped as they saw her. With her staff in hand.

“One of the large trees in my mother's kingdom caught fire. Due to a drought. Happening over the last few weeks. We have no mage’s within the kingdom. Available to put out the spreading flames.”

She got on the horse without hesitation. They made it to the kingdom. In only a short time. The trees located in the middle of town. Collapsed engulfed in flames. Townspeople were fleeing their homes. In a panic, many rushed past the two. As if they simply didn’t exist. There was a loud explosion a moment later. It shook the ground violently. Causing the pair and others to fall around them. Some people dressed in armor had been escorting others. Outside the town away from the danger. The two ran to where the sound had come from.

“Go to your mother.” The young mage instructed.

As the prince headed to the castle. The mage closed her eyes. Quietly uttering some words. As some light appeared at the top. From the staff, it shot into the sky. The cloud of smoke. Now had rain descending from it. As the smoke cleared. She was able to take another path. That was previously blocked. Jumping over the trees that had been chard running to the castle. As fast as her legs would allow. She arrived at the same time as the prince. The guards let the two inside. When the prince made the introductions. Explaining that the kingdom had been saved. From a heavy downpour of rain. The queen asked how this occurred. The girl showed the queen the staff. Revealing that she was taught magic by her father. The queen asked a request of the girl.

“Lately there have been outsiders visiting the kingdom. They would walk around for a few hours. Observing the markets and leave. Awhile later we received news. That several store owners were robbed. I am now convinced that those same people. That robbed the markets. Are the same ones that attacked moments ago. Guards that watch from the tower. Were unable to identify the blast. If you could go along with my son. Find who and what is causing this. Bring them to justice. Do this and my son is yours.”

The last part came as a shock. The pair looked at each other for a moment. The mage reluctantly agreed. The prince said nothing. Only giving her a dirty look. The queen stood up from the throne. Walking past them to speak to the guards. Offering to help with escorting survivors back home. As well as assist with rebuilding. Repairing any damages that had occurred. The mage and prince set off. Without further ado. They headed to the forest. Where their first encounter had been. As the price was slicing through the thick vines. The mage pulled him behind one of the trees. A large ship had uncloaked itself. In one of the many forest openings. As the door opened. A man with a large build. Walked up to the ship. Two came down from the ramp.
“Did you give them their warning?” The larger one asked. Who the pair assumed was the leader.

“One shot in the trees. That resided in the middle of town fired a second at the castle.” The first one replied.

“Managed to acquire more.” The second said holding up a large bag.

“More of what though?” The mage whispered allowed.

The prince wasn’t listing he was staring intently at the three. As they walked inside the ship. They watched as the door of the starship slammed shut. After a few moments. The mage began to utter a spell. The door began to glow bathed in light. It did not open. As the glow faded. She tried once more. The light appeared. Nothing happened. The prince pointed in the direction of the sun.

“It’s almost nightfall. We’ll have to wait until they come back for the rest of the loot.” He said gesturing to several bags. That poked out from behind several trees. “We’ll catch the thieves off guard. Taking both of them and the loot back to the kingdom.”

His smile and excited tone faded. As quickly as it had come. Sliding down his back to the tree. Till he was sitting on the ground.

“What is it? What is wrong?” The mage asked. Kneeling beside him.  

“It’s just it all happened so quickly. The robberies the ‘supposed’ drought. Now my mother just wants to push me off on someone else.” He gave a sad sigh.

The mage looked down at the ground. Putting herself in a sitting position. Not taking her eyes off of it.

“I’m sorry I guess I shouldn’t have agreed to your mother's terms without asking you first.” She said softly. A feeling of guilt at the pit of her stomach.

“It’s ok. I think she’s just afraid of losing me. With everything that has been going on. I can’t really blame her.” He said with a shrug.

The two hadn’t noticed. They were sitting close together. The two decided changing the subject would be best. They talked among themselves. For what felt like hours. When they heard a creaking sound nearby. They peered from behind the tree. Watching as the three came to get the remaining bags. A few moments later the three came outside. Sneaking around to the side of the ship. Wating a few more moments. Making sure the area was clear. The prince waved for the mage to come forward. The door was open. The mage noticed as she stood next to him. That the ships door had been left open.

“Why the rush? They have all of the loot?” The prince asked allowed.

The girl had already quietly walked passed. Starting to head through the door. The prince rolled his eyes and followed. They kept walking passing many rooms. Which appeared to be labs. Until they spotted the one that held the jewels. They ran through the door. As footsteps could be heard. Coming towards the room. Scanning the area. The prince noticed a desk. The two scrambled quickly underneath it. The three men came through the door. The mystic softly uttered a spell. The three men were carrying a large. Topaz orange colored gem. Ruffly the size of two grown men. The jewel was being put inside a large oval styled machine. Many of the jewels had already been placed inside.

“This machine will allow us enough power to the ship. Should the Queen refuse our demands? The forest guardians power will be drained. Enough for one blast to obliterate the whole kingdom.”

The leader turned to face a computer. To which the mobile device was connected. As the leader's henchman. Hurried to pile in the last few jewels. The two workers stood at his side. This only lasted a moment. Before they took a keen before him.

“The kingdom will soon be mine.”

Without needing to hear another word. The pair jumped at the two kneeling henchmen. Knocking them to the ground. The leader spun around.

“Where did that come from?” He yelled.

Looking around having drawn a gun from its holster. He could only see his two men hitting at the air. One kicked the prince off of him. He landed on the ground.

“It’s the prince sir.” The man yelled rising to his feet.

The prince was unable to rise. As he received a fist to his face. The leader fired his gun in the direction of the mage. Then a howl of pain followed. The mage appeared stunned. Staggering off of her opponent. She held her arm in pain. The man she had pinned down stood up. Delivering a kick to her chest. She was on her back to the floor. The man kicked the staff away from her. She could hear cries of pain in the distance. The prince had collided with the butt of his blade. Together with the man's chin. Wiping out the blade. He struck at the man's chest. Impaling him killing him instantly.

She looked back at her situation. Her staff was out of reach. No staff meant no magic. Her opponent had her by the legs. Dragging her to the floor. He slammed her into the wall. The moment he let go of her legs. She was slowly rising to her feet. Despite the pain in her arm. She shoved him as hard as she could. He took a few steps backward. Stunned just enough for her to get out of reach. She ran for her staff. Rolling to the ground. Just before a shot went off. It missed hitting the wall. She grabbed the staff. Saying only one word.


With that several small bolts hit her enemy. She felt her leg give in as she kneeled to the floor. Looking down at her leg. Only to see that her dead opponent had shot her. A mere moment before the spell hit him. The mage shot a look over in the distance. Only to see her ally being fired at. A couple of the bullets had bearly missed him. The shots visible by the tears in his cape. He was running like the wind. The enemy's gun pointed straight at him.

The prince's foe tripped him. Using a spinning kick. The younger retaliated. Standing back up slicing the gun in half. With just a single stroke. The mage saw her chance. Yelling at the prince to move away. She said a spell that made the air feel cold. Mist and ice began to slowly surround the leader. He shot a look in both directions. The shock on his face turned to anger. He tried to run at the prince. He was frozen almost instantly. The prince ran over to the mage. Her eyes were closed. Both wounds she had received were quickly healing. As she stood up the two embraced. They pulled away looking at the large Topaz.

They had saved two places. Using her healing spell. She cleaned up the face wound. Where the prince had been hit. Lucky for him he had not been killed. Even if he lost a limb. She couldn’t cure that. The prince and mage noticed. The forest guardian could be vaguely seen. Chest appearing to move up and down. In the semi-transparent crystal.

“When will the forest guardian wake?” Asked the prince.

“No one knows when the great fairy dragon will awaken. My family has watched over the forest for generations. We protect the inhabitants. They, in turn, take care of us. My family's duty won’t be done. Until the day she awakes.”

The guardian was returned to the forest. The leader was put to death by hanging. After being defrosted and put on trial. Three years later. The guardian awoke to bless a solemnized wedding. Held in the forest. Between a handsome prince and an elegant mage.
Trees of the jungle speak of this explorer…

There was an explorer. He was looking for a temple. The temple held the greatest riches. That was known to the planet. As he reached the destination. Written on the map. As an X at the end. He ventured up the intimidating stairwell. The door to the building opened. There was all of the treasure. Taking a step forward. His foot stepped on a switch. He descended into the trap door. Falling into a pit of vines. Feeling these vines begin to move. The explorer went to the wall. Hearing a loud hissing noise. He shot a look over his shoulder. Barly managing to miss a snake. That had attempted to bite him.

He climbed out of the out of the snake pit. Grabbing a torch on the wall. The explorer came to a new room. This one had skeletons. The group of the dead came to life. Throwing spears that were in their hands. At the intruder who was running away. The door shut behind him. As the explorer checked for any injuries. None were to be seen. He held out the guiding flame. Revealing another entry. As he entered he stopped. Carefully examining what was before him. A long spiral set of stairs. The way out being at the top of the roof of the room. As he went towards the opening. The cracks in the wall released water inside. The explorer made hast for the opening. Only to find a huge gap on the other side. When he leaped out of the last dungeon.

He was going to have to put a lot into this. Taking a few steps back. He sprinted and at the end. Pushing himself as hard as he could his legs seemed to fly. This lasted for just a couple of moments. Before he fell into the depths below. He hit the bottom of the temple. Waking up from unconsciousness. The man slowly rises to his feet. Looking around he notices his torch. The flame became extinguished during the fall.

There was a crevice to his right. Big enough for a grown man to fit through. Light poured out from inside. This source is the only reason. He caught sight of everything around him. Walking inside he looked down. Seeing a cobra coiled up before him. Eyeing the adventurer for a time. Before springing up. Biting his arm. He yelled in pain. The wicked beast dropped to the ground. As it did so. A white glow surrounded the creature. Transforming into a beautiful woman. The woman made flames twist in the air to form words.

“Look outward beyond yourself, adventure, and greed. Allow the less fortunate to have what they need. Should this be done? You shall live prosperously. If this task is not completed. Your passing will happen within one full rotation of this planet.”

She turned and went deeper into the cave. The adventurer just stood there. Looking on with surprise. This world was on a rotation axis of only a few hours. Was the woman really speaking the truth? How was he even supposed to find those who were less fortunate?  Why should he give to total strangers? What if the woman had lied to him? This was the thought that entered his mind. As he began moving. He came across a young boy close to the entrance. This child asked for some bread. The adventure took off his backpack. Handing the child the last bit of bread from his bag.

He lifted his bag and went forward. The first hour past. Before he came to the second person. This man was older than him. Only asking for a drink. So he was gifted by the explorer. The last of his water from his tin. The man headed on once more. A long time came and went. Until he ran into a person about his age. This individual asked for the clothes on his back. He quickly obliged to the naked man before him. Tossing the garments to him. What felt like thirty minutes later. He came to an older woman. She requested his backpack. Nothing in it but a crowbar and a campus. Regardless he gave no second thought. Giving it to her. The explorer pushed on. Till he came to a dead end. Treasure began to fall. From a gap on the roof of the cavern. He felt the pain go away. The man looked to see his wound had closed. It’s said the explorer prospered in wealth for the rest of his days.
The Explorer
This is the fourth story in The Solar Flare Cycle: A Series of Fairy Tales. It can also be found on my account:…


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In the far future…

There was a king who had recently lost his wife. He grieved over her death. As well as the passing of their unborn child. The king longed for a strong and faithful successor. So, he made a deal with a greedy company.

“I will give you many credits. So that your science may continue. The only thing I ask for in return. Is that you summon those throughout the galaxy. Have each person be challenged to your tests. The child that can complete all of them. Will be regarded as my own flesh and blood. Now go and bring these children.”

When the king paid his due. Starships were sent out. One child that was brought forth was a young girl. She had no family of to speak of. She had been raised by dragons. Far in the highest mountains. Being able to use dragon stones. Made from the earth. They had taught her how to communicate. Communication was done using telepathy. Being from the same planet as his majesty. As well as having seen her surrounded by friendly elegant dragons. She was brought down to the labs by a scientist. On traditional horseback.

“Was she a dragon Shifter?” The older woman wondered. Looking back at the child that road with her. “No, how foolish of me. She would have been startled to see someone like me. The transformation would have taken place immediately. The moment we made eye contact. Those mountains rarely receive visitors. However…”

Instructing the younger one to hold on. The horse was brought to a run. When they had arrived at the labs. The challenger spent the next few months locked away in a room. Being taught how to use a bow and arrow. At the time, the competition was to start. She was brought out. Having been dressed in elegant looking garments. When the tests began. Each of the competitors had their own way of going about completing the puzzles. Only the first few could be viewed by all. The lab workers personally oversaw the rest.

Some used guns or blasters of a type. Others relied on swords. Martial arts were also present. The girl appeared to be the youngest. Looking between fourteen to sixteen in age. All of those before her did very well. Until they died during the exams. Overhearing a few of the workers. Discussing the final results. While she sat in the waiting room.

On the screen, her name popped up. Grabbing her bow and arrow she walked out into the first chamber. Seeing a button on the wall out of reach. She loaded an arrow into the bow. Aimed at the button and fired. It hit its mark. Activating a timer. She repeated the process. The other button from across the way. Letting out a loud ding. A door opened leading to the next room. She passed each of the challenges. With some difficulty. Small cuts had grazed her legs. Received from the machine guns that were mounted on the walls. Unable to destroy them before they fired. A flamethrower had given her a burn. She was now forced into a slow walk.

She made herself perform faster with attacks. Though allowing her to notice more because of the injury. She saw one body after another. Begin to pray to whatever deity. That might hear her call. She kept praying as her journey continued. After finishing the final puzzle. The exit opened up. Revealing the king. Next to him. The female worker that had brought her to this destination. The challenger took a knee. As the king proclaimed her as his daughter.The lab coat woman brought her into a hug. Congratulating the girl.

Heading home in the king's starship. All while her injuries were tended to by healers. She removed the stone from her pants pocket. Looking at it for a long while. Something wasn’t right. How could they act so casually? Many died during the event and this was treated as a victory. The stone had been with her. All throughout the proceedings. She hadn’t tried to contact the dragons. A much more powerful force would need to cast judgment. That is if the stone could work in such ways. The next day a Pegasus came to the castle. She told the child and king. Savitri wished to speak with them. In a location outside the kingdom. She would be in the flower pastures.

The pegasus flew on ahead. Leading the way. When they had arrived. Savitri stood to look peaceful. Standing in the middle of a large daisy patch. She thanked both the maiden and the king. With a nod of her head. Flames flared as Savitri wrote in the sky. The girl was welcomed for her patience the king, however, was not. Savitri told the king that the girl called out to her. Revealing the stone from her pocket. Holding it out flat to the group.

“I hid that stone ages ago. How did you come by it?” the pegasus asked in shock.

The girl explained that she lived among dragons all her life. She remembered that one dragon. Made of sand and stone. Retrieved it deep underground. This was the very first one she had communicated with.

“That stone is a matter of importance.” The pegasus said. Indicating with a point of her hoof. “It must be hidden away once more.”

Fire shot in the air. “No, I wish for this made. Along with the queen to hold the emblem.”

“My wife passed. What do you mean for my queen and daughter to hold onto the emblem?” The king said angrily. “What about my role in all of this?”

Heat filled the air. Savitri explained everything. She had sent several messengers. The moment she heard the daughters cry. The messengers had witnessed much of the event. As it came to her attention. Savitri said she came to the location. Were the testing was taking place. As instructed by the messengers. Able to speak with the head scientist. The owner of the corporation. Told Savitri they were given many credits. In order for science to be done. So the king may find an heir to the throne. That was when their presence was requested. On the very next day.

All said and done. The king was whisked away by the Pegasus. Into the air, he went until he disappeared from sight. The child looked on in shock. Savitri looked down at the flowers. Sparks began to swirl around the flower patch. Becoming embroidered in the fire. Coming together as a white glow starting to more appear. These things came together to form a woman with a crown on her head.

The girl realized that this was the king's wife. As the queen looked around in wonderment. She was calmed at seeing Savitri. Having met her in heaven. Savitri told of the wicked acts of her husband. How he paid for test subjects to find himself an heir. How the child was the one to complete the testing. As such, she was now her daughter. The stone the young one had. Was a piece of her soul. Savitri’s soul in its true form. She asked the pair to watch over the emblem. The queen and median agreed.  The emblem was watched by the royal family and their descendants long after.


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