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Dat clock though O.O
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Perfect and wonderful! I can't imagine Icky with brown hair. Did they try to dye it and realize that it wouldn't work, then use a wig instead? Or is hair dye not available in this time period? 
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Ah, so they're karma blankets. They're only worth something to people who keep their act together.
LadyManticore101's avatar
Yay! So more Paula action and Icky backstory!!!! I love it!!!!! Animation was splendid too!!!!!!
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Oh, Paula... :D Such a silly, lovely bear.

And Icky... I really must wonder how stressed a feller you've been in youth, that somebody believes your wild sibling was in the right. Lol.
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awww short episode. =( but still, paula being badass and some insight onto Ichy's family. I enjoyed it, keep up the great work! =D
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I always love these so much! The first no evil I watched was number 15 and number 15 is still personally my fave. You're really talented to make this story work! I love practically every aspect of this show! It's still my favorite show of all time, even more than shows like Steven Universe.
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