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No Evil Wallpapaer

Thanks for all the views folks (available for download if you like)
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This piece always impresses me ^^

I love your characters and your series.

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Happy Pranksgiving Warlord of Noodles by CelticMultiverse  happy Pranksgiving!
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I can't believe I only found "No Evil" on your YouTube channel and dA account yesterday! How did I miss all of these??
Beautiful wallpaper, too!Sylveon Attract Plz Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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My new(-ish, used, refurbished) PC feels like home again now. Thank you.
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Great totally going on my desktop, maybe even on my walls *yes I’d buy that
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This is awesome :D
Also I absolotely love the series, you rock!
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I don't know why but I think folk lore and myths are entertaining....
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I'm not sure if you'll answer this but I was curious if you'd be okay with me using your version of Quetzalcoatl as inspiration for a tattoo. I love how you depict him and I love the beliefs behind him and what he represents. I've followed no evil for a long time and if you prefer I could even request a commission at some point for the type of thing I want
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My friend just showed me the entirety of your series that is out so far tonight. Originally we were going to do two episodes, but I could not stop. Fantastic work! I love the music and characters! I look forward to more!
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The Huey thumbnail on NG, got me :3. then i was like Markiplier mind blown (F2U) 
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I absolutely love your work.

Your character, Corn is my inspiration for my character, Gabriel.
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amazing! hey are you planning on doing a full body picture of corn? that would be awesome to see
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*realizes what I was about to type was already taken*
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corn is so cute Heart 
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[4:50:42 AM] Digi_Sparks [firekirby135]: For Drew:…

[2:33:23 PM] Drew Colpurs: [4:50 AM]
Digi_Sparks [firekirby135]:
            <<< For Drew:
Oh, well that's a fancy image I suppose... OH IT'S WALLPAPER, SO MUCH YES
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I'm really loving this wallpaper (link to my 2-monitor setup):…
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i wove it all
Lovely work, watched the series and now can't get the Wayfaring Stranger out of my head.  Even at work.  Hope ya make more songs related to that.
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Can't wait for the next episode. 
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Hellooooo new screensaver!
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