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More No Evil In progress

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In progress for Two episodes ahead... because For reasons that are boring and pipeline related, I have to work on both the next and the one after at the same time.  The next one I hope to have done in June.
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Keep it up, I never want this series to stop!
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YAY!! Also, Happy early birthday! (I know, it's in two days but still X3)
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Corn's house!!!! Looks great Warlord-of-Noddles XD 
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lol. Even Corn's house looks like bunched-up corn kernels.

I wonder why "No Evil" strikes such a strong chord for me. Also, oddly, a good friend recently revealed himself to me to be one of those "interesting" people one occasionally meets who can "do things". ...I was sort of shocked when he mentioned a dark, secluded place he knows of that people are afraid to go, as well as mention of a mirror he knows the whereabouts of that has "odd" properties. ...'s just too coincidental to not take him up on his tiny road trip. Too odd... too impossibly specific and odd...
I can't wait! I'm always astounded how fast you can get the episodes published because the quality is so good 
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yay~ to be honest i was  starting to miss this show.  cant wait to see what happens next :D.
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Its always nice to hear from you
We'll be here to enjoy it!Two Thumbs Up 
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Waiting with bated breath.
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Looking forwards to it!
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Corn...I got holes in me Corn......I know your home...
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love it this is going to be so cool
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Can't wait.
I love that series!!!!!!!!
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Excellent, so pretty!  Pipeline related?  Just curious?
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Other people are now helping me I have to get stuff to them so they can have plenty of time to work on their end.
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Got it.  My derp mind thought you meant an actual metal pipeline.Facepalm   Awesome that you have so much help now.  My friends and I are looking forward to your next videos.
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i cant wait to see it actully i watch no evil everytime
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When will you do another episode of Swingers? (I do love No Evil though)
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A liiiittle hard to do two shows at the same time.  So it's effectively in Hiadus Limbo.  Might come back to it one day, might not..... Want to though.
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That's good, can't wait to see it. ^^
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