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Ezekiel saw the wheeeeel 2.0



"Way up in the middle of the air!"

O dear heavens it's finnally done!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

You see my youth paster asked for a picture of the creature from Ezekiel (The cherabim) about two years ago I think. And I wanted it to be as accurat as possble.... But i was hitting some spots in the description that didn't seem to add up.... So shamefully I gave up for a time. Until I started this bible study in colledge where my study leadre pointed out a second occurance of the creature in revolations. and by combining the descriptions I was able to pull out this! (I'm still not sure if it's quite accurate of course but its' way better than my previous designs.)

Goes to show, you won't understand the Bible very well unless you use it to translate it's self. It's all connected.
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Where is you 1.0 version?