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aaaand done.
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This comic was so awesome! But please tell there's more!!! Cause I still need answers!!!

(I love the animation too and I can't wait for more!)

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Are some of the characters descendants of the spirits? Namely Fontleroy and Naruka

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This comic was an amazing experience, and Angel was so breathtakingly pretty... So happy she made it here and also saved everyone :heart:

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Taking a guess on saying this is the same universe as the animated series but at a different time period?

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:o my mans out here posting over 200 comic pages at once... it looks stellar!

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beautiful. good to see from you.
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Annnnd I've just now finally read all of it-

That took me about two hours.

Totally worth it... really... really want to see how it ties in even more with the spirits from No Evil... namely: WHY THE HELL DO YOU LOOK LIKE MY BOI IXTILTON LATAE YOU PRICK?

And so many more-

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That was a pretty fast comic dump. I hope there was a batch option.

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hahaha.... there wasn't

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Oh man, that's terrible! 200+ pages manually is crazy!

Doing that all in one shot is quite respectable.

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