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A special occasion

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Incidentally this is how I feel after I bathe my dog... usually.
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The Hatfield Chief was kind of a jerk because of what she did to Armoroq 
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its Huey, he'l find something some were
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I have learned from your vids on YouTube and. Here. Huey is that child you have to watch constantly or the house will burn down xD
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2 CUTE!!!!😻😻😻😻
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I have shown my entire family this, they are laughing hysterically. This personifies my nephew so much and children in general, they will SOMEHOW find a way to get dirty.
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Just like me when I was a pup!
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I had the same thought
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I've been compared to Huey by my boyfriend. .3. I see why now.
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Huey is too precious for this world. Especially in a world where a little boy wants to kill everyone.
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I know how you feel -_- My dogs alway do that. They very dirty so I have to get them baths plus 1 of my two dogs are pregnant make it even harder and she very energy-ful *sigh*
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Man, I love Huey so much, that adorable fuzz butt.
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"But where though? Huey, we live in an alternate universe where the only things that exist are us and these abstract backgrounds."
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I want the no evil spirits to be my kids!!!!  .D
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XD hahahahahahahaha cute
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he has very special skills
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I just occurred to me....if Huey was raised by Hatfield, where did he come from? Does he have parents?
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Cool.^^  May I share it?
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Yes you may, ^-^ I am glad you liked it!
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