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Cool np! Sorry about off critique...
Next time I'll do better! Not having critiqued your work much, sometimes I dont know how to help specific artists!
Next time Ill do better for you!
Many times I toss out whatever pops into my head for a critique, sometimes its not usefull XD
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Quick critique for you Karbo! ^ ^

Not sure if it applies. But in this I dont get a fun sense of this being related to your VORE comic an work?
Maybe in each character try to still get that sense of VORE in their faces? Masu, Terra, Bell, Lily still kinda have it. But not very like BAM! in your face. Others. no VORE I cry... T_T

Thats what I love about most of your stuff it usually has some fun sense of VOre in it! This does not as much. The fun n Cute levels got dropped in these ... waaah T_T

Odd question on Vore. NIX is drinking something. Is VORE like eating people in a soup? Or swallowing them while you have them in soup? Or just eatin n swallowing?
Unknown if that is Vore? @..@ But I thought maybe, you doing some Soup VORE would be neat? XD .... I dont know....
Or lil people in sammich? Is sammich VORE? XD

LOL.... I do love your stuff! Hope this helps give ideas! XD
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I like the design! Here she looks more adventurer fighter, or a young or poor soldier, or a poor mercenary.
She has no heavy armor which would be expensive or mean you've seen many battles.

In the previous images, she looks more like a Crusader, or low born night. I enjoy this current version more because it could go any where for story or character development.
If she needs or wants more armor or gear, she needs to work for it, which means more story. More comics ^ ^

I voted short short short hair XD But this is just fine.
Perhaps give her a hair knot or something tied into bangs or something. It would give her more character, plus its something to make here stand out in a large page layout of multiple characters, and lets you identify here immeadiatly in a group.

A suggestion. She needs a gauntlet on one arm or shoulder. Like the gloves, to give more protection. Even if she uses a shield one arm will be out front for enemy to strike at, a protected shoulder or full-arm guantlet even if leather, or simple armor would be more good in battle.
You cant block without a shield. And club is a slow weapon.
Arm gauntlet might be neat? ^ ^

I like this design on club! Its not overly large, and the hilt is flat, so you could slap or flat strike foe with it.

What I dont like:
The longer sword. Keep the shorter Gladius / Roman soldier type sword. Its more of a gladiator or close combat weapon.
Kinda more of a common weapon also?

I dont feel she has enough personal identity markers.
A hair tie or hair beads, little something more with necklace, tattoo? Armband or something, that makes her personality and individuality come out.

Overall I feel this is a more powerfull image or design for the character.

PS: do you have some written character descriptions?
I didnt spy any with a quick look over ><;;;
Would love a link to read up more on character ^ ^
Enya's new style
Anytime ^^
I enjoy your works, and I like to try an write helpful critiques to make folks who's art I like get better! I hate shitty critique's... they are no help.

Hmmm... I see the thumbs did not work..?
Or did they work? They not showing up here for me??
Still trying to learn ins n outs of DA technics..
I hope no image ref was still helpfull... if they didnt show up. ^ ^;
:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

I think you nailed this one pretty darn close to Perfect Karbo ^ ^ Especially as a fun, post-action post-battle piece.

This image brings me back to another battle-type one I really enjoyed also that you did!

Mature Content

Starcraft evolution by Karbo

Good things that really stand out to me. The carved or circular rim to the right really sweeps around and back to the character keeping the action or view moving and drawing back into the giantess character.
Your Detail is awesome! I dont get lost or confused, and find myself checking out all the little rocks n craters, yet still enticed by the overall image. You may want to lighten up the foreground more.
You have a good light, dark, light. (BG, MIddle, Fore) coloring comp going on, but the foreground might be getting lost or mixed into the middle ground somewhat.
I check my work usually by converting to greyscale to see how things look. Try it maybe!^^

Main Crit 1: Her wings feel unfinished. You have so much detail and texture over the rest of the image. The wings dont have as much details as rest. Suggestions. Do some shading like in your Starcraft Exo, thumb'd above. Or maybe since she was fighting, have her wings torn or ragged abit. Maybe add some holes from arrows or bullets or something! ^^

Main Crits 2: I think your smoke needs to be more shaded or multicolored. It doesnt look like smoke. Could be plants or bushes or something.
Either try adding a simple shade pattern and or highlight.
Similar to your far orange background in this image. Something to give the smoke more of a 3-dimensional fee.
Cool Smoke I found on DA recently that I liked.
Might give ideas. MAPLEstory by paulobarrios

Another smoke crit: Let it be partially transparent perhaps.
Let some of the line art behind it show through maybe.

Crit 3: Anal hand / arm anatomy crit....
left arm - forearm + elbo I think are slightly messed up.
Needs more elbo, forearm definition, muscle description?
(doesnt bother me that much.. but could be better?)
Right hand needs adjustment. Fingers specifically. 2nd finger is almost always longer than rest. I understand I think what you trying to do there with the staff, but unless that fingers bent... its too short ^^. Sorry Anal...
You have some super great little details all over, maybe add fingernails and for sure some knuckles even if slight lines would help define that hand more! Keep details simple and slight. Too many on hands etc. may have your characters losing your nice soft and smooth feel they have! ^^

Overall I really like this piece! It makes me smile and laugh even if some poor SOB's got bashed an eaten or something! XD Good job! Hope crit is helpfull this time!