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Black Library - Warden of the Blade by DavidAlvarezArt
Hydra Dominatus by ArturNakhodkin
Plaguebearers and Nurglings by helgecbalzer
WH40K Enemies Without Cover by guterrez

Mature Content

40K: Deathwatch Devastator by Jedi-Art-Trick
Siege of Castle Eisenkrieg by Joazzz2
The Unyielding by VookaSheen
Death Korp behind Vraksian lines by VookaSheen
Chaos Space Marines
[Commission] Ahzek Ahriman by yu-karasu
Falkus Kibre, First of the Ezekarion. by ArhPriest
Abaddon the Despoiler by ArhPriest
Chaos Arrives by VookaSheen
TomeofExcess by guterrez
Seheron by anndr
Bloodletter by DevBurmak

Mature Content

Ambush! by kanovsky
Dark Eldar
Urien Rakarth by Diana-Martinez
WH40K Enemies Without Cover by guterrez
Drukhari by d1sarmon1a
Asdrubael Vect by d1sarmon1a
Eldar by ameeeeba
Dim light by yangzheyy
Wild Rider by anna-lakisova
Ghost Warrior by anna-lakisova
Imperium Of Man
Necromunda - Delaque's welcome gift by Dagahaz
Adeptus  Mechanicus by slasher556
A Quiet Moment by d1sarmon1a
Bunker Encounter by VookaSheen
Necrons by Indofrece
Lychguard by jasonjuta
Warhammer 40k - Sixty Million Years Earlier by ruoyuart
Warhammer 40k - Sixty Million Years Later by ruoyuart
Non-Space-Marine Chaos Forces
Dark Mechanicum priest from Cyclothrathe by Nictanova
Stream of Corruption by AlexSabo
WH40K Enemies Within cover by guterrez
Dark pact by Inkary
WAAAAAAAAGH! by Diamondaectann
WAAAGGHHH!! by slasher556
Ork! by BMacSmith
Wh40K: Feral Orks by StugMeister
Master of Mankind by d1sarmon1a
Space Marine Chapters
Wolf by d1sarmon1a
Tau and Kroot
Tau fire warrior by ameeeeba
Hormagaunt - (C)2013 Games Workshop Ltd. by helgecbalzer
Warhammer Fantasy
Kovac The Cold by Inkary
Wh40k Comicart

Mature Content

Khaine by CatherineLim
Papers medical
40k Imperial Guard Medical Field Dressing by Light-Tricks
Devious Folder
Black Templar Helmet Sketches by NicholasKay

All Contributors

Since the number of people in the Contributors-section is limited, here are all of the awesome artists that contributed to our highly selected galleries:

A6A7 0-Duredhel-0 1nkor absolutejackass ackelb AdamBurn AdmiraWijaya AdrianBukowski Aerozopher after-eleven AgentJericho agnidevi Aguilas Aikurisu AKIMBYLA albe75 AlexBoca Alex-Mort AlexSabo AlMaNeGrA AnarchicFox AnderTRON Andgll anna-lakisova AntarcticSpring ArhPriest Art-by-Juno Artgerm ARTOFJUSTAMAN artofrussell ArturNakhodkin artursadlos Babymordred121 baklaher Batonya12561 bayardwu BenDrawsStuff BillingslyN Blazbaros BMacSmith b-nine Bradwhitlam bradwright BrianJMurphy BrotherCasius bugball byakko-kun byrdworx calebcleveland Callyste Canoness cat-on-mars CELENG CharlesEJD Chenthooran chimpinx clarenko Corbella Cristi-B Cynic-pavel Dagahaz damie-m DanSlider darkchild130 DarkMechanic davepalumbo DavidAlvarezArt DavidAP DavidSondered dcwj Defreeee Del-Borovic Denewer depingo DesireeNavarro DevBurmak Diamondaectann Diana-Martinez DiegoGisbertLlorens DominicHautmann Dragolisco Dredhead Eeren faroldjo fed0t FirstKeeper flasherexe FleshMarket FonteArt forArkan FredrikEriksson1 free4fireYouTube Froggybre Gengar1991 GENZOMAN GeorgeVostrikov GetsugaDante grundalug guterrez Halycon450 hammk HanDKannon HarryOsborn-Art HavetVargar helgecbalzer Hellstern henning HeresyProject hoxiaowei HrvojeSilic htkpeh IgorKieryluk Igor-Zhvtovsky Ilacha Ilqar Indofrece Infernomonster Inkary Intervain IzzatAL JakeMurray Jamienobes jasonjuta jbcasacop Jedi-Art-Trick jeffszhang Joazzz2 joelhustak JohnBergin John-Stone-Art Jorsch JosephQiuArt jubjubjedi Jutami Kadamx Kain-Moerder kanartist kanovsky karichristensen kethinar Keynari Khantian Khov97 kiliat Koowanchee KoTnoneKoT koyima LarsRune lathander1987 LieSetiaWan Light-Tricks ListenerKz lonefirewarrior Lovawen LPVictoria Luches luffie lucyreynoldsart Lufwaffles Lutherniel LynxC M0tt0M0 M1keN MajesticChicken MajinMetz maltgrqmax malverro Manzanedo Marcodalidingo MasterAlighieri masterchomic maxman58 Mentosik8 Methiston Mexus9 Michael-Galefire michalivan MistyMiasma Mitchellnolte Mizoro mobocanario MonsterLover12 morganagod moritat MrCryCraft Mr--Jack mrmao muju MyNameIsByron namesjames Narog-art NateAbell Nectim nerrig NicholasKay NickHerbert NicolasRGiacondino NikolayAsparuhov ning ninjawolflord Noldofinve nooblar Nord-Sol nstoyanov N-Y-O OEVRLORD Ogilac Omuk Opravdu Ork-artist PabelBilly PabloFernandezArtwrk PaleLonginus Papaya-Style pc-0 PearlPhoenix PeteMachine phantasmalblue pierreloyvet PitBOTTOM plofoks PointLineArea pusiaty r7ll Ragathol rancore33 RanDize Raro666 Rayph RedSkittlez-DA Remton Reza-ilyasa richardsymonsart Rilez75 Robjenx Rodrigo-Vega Rotaken ruoyuart RUshN RustyAlchemist saint-max sandara SarahJaneArt ShwigityShwonShwei ska-fandr Skirill skor2d slaine69 slaube69 Slim-Charles Slimdimanus Snook-8 Soulfein soulty666 Spawn237 spoonbard SprigganE StellarCult SteveSketches StoryKillinger StTheo StugMeister Sufferst TD-Vice Thanatus-kun TheAcidKing theDURRRIAN The-First-Magelord TheGreaterDesign TheMaestroNoob thomaswievegg tmza TomKelly tutzdes tycarey TyphonArt tyrantwache ukitakumuki UltimaFatalis ValentrisRRock Varagandr VentilationDuct vkucukemre VookaSheen Waldes WannaTryMe1138 WarbringerVI WIDESHOT-DESIGN Winterhall wll4u wraithdt Xeeming xlion95 yangzheyy Yogh-Art yu-karasu YuliaPW Yuwy-ow Zer0Frost


Commission: A Primarch's End by saint-max Commission: A Primarch's End :iconsaint-max:saint-max 638 57 Sanguinius by V-Strozzi Sanguinius :iconv-strozzi:V-Strozzi 175 17 Order of the Ebon Chalice by CELENG Order of the Ebon Chalice :iconceleng:CELENG 1,915 81 Warlock by Heebster Warlock :iconheebster:Heebster 58 3 AhrimanExile WH40k by faroldjo AhrimanExile WH40k :iconfaroldjo:faroldjo 784 53 PURGE THE XENOS by IluvRice PURGE THE XENOS :iconiluvrice:IluvRice 188 13
"You are not free whose liberty is won by the rigour of other, more righteous souls. Your are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the honourable man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it, your time has come. This time you will stand alone and fight for yourselves. Now you will pay for your freedom in the currency of honest toil and human blood."

- Inquisitor Czevak Address to the Council of Ryanti
Hello everyone,

I finally found the time to have a look at our yearly record, which is, how many people have joined the group, how many have added it to their deviantWATCH and how many pieces we got into our galleries. I have to say, I am very happy and proud with the growth of our group, we are doing really well!

Here we go:

100 people joined the group (Exactly 100! How amazing is that?)
66 people added the group to their deviantWATCH
Approx. 300 pieces have been accepted into the galleries

So, yes, I am happy, considering that Warhammer is a niche franchise if compared to others and we are having a very restricting policy considering what we are accepting. I wanted to share the success with everyone! :)

Also, I am doing a shoutout for a very dear friend of mine who is developing an amazing fantasy RPG game. It is called "Fates of Ort" and has a lovely artstyle, great music and an enchanting story. If you like indie games with a rich story, I strongly suggest you visit the game's homepage:

Also, he does a twitch-Stream daily during the week (see link immediately on the homepage), where he shows how he develops the game, explains stuff and you can even give him input on that. The programming language is Lua and he is using Defold, so if anyone is additionally interested in game development, it will be worth a look (besides him being a very wholesome person and you can join a hilarious chat on the side).

Yes, I usually don't do shoutouts and I will keep it a rare occasion, but I am open for suggestions, should you know someone that could use a little bit of help in popularity, as everyone starting new does.

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