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Sentient folder please 🥺
Can I suggest a folder for sentients? 
c'est trop cool les gars,pour ces choses de dings
Hi there. Do do I withdraw a submission? I chose the wrong deviations in the wrong group :O
Hi there! I don't know if this page is active anymore but I submitted some art a little while ago and it hasn't been approved or anything yet. Was hoping you guys could take a look ^^
guys can you please make a folder for sentients art ;.; would be nice, since they is more lore of them
dindl you better be quiet or else ill sneak into your ORBITER and install #ORDISprime . ( his passive is PERPETUAL NAGGING ) your tenno will walk out the airlock after 3 minutes to the sweet peace of OBLIVION rather than deal with him :rofl: