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The Tenno are descendants of an ancient and mystical civilization of lost warriors from the Orokin era on Earth. Preserved in cryopods for centuries, the Tenno now awaken to a new war, fighting and resisting warring factions as the sole bearers of the Orokin-created Warframes. While the memories of the Tenno have faded over time, their mastery of guns, blades, and Warframe exo-armor has not.

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CROSSROADS (0/3): backstoriesI'm writing a series of books about 3 video games I played and I want to write a fanfic, non-canon, lore friendly, 3-Part story of Destiny 2, Warframe and Anthem all crossing over into 1 epic story. I'm showing 11 OC each with their own story and personality and the villains too (Also I put pictures of the of all 11 OC's on my journal with the same name as the title if you want to see what they look like and I can't post it on here cause I'm a idiot -_-). I'll be showing you what they will look like, but the villains will only be described, and some may contain spoilers. Destiny 2TALOS: The first of the three to rise in the cosmic drone of Russia was Talos. Talos was a human Titan who possessed a thrill of the fight whether it's in the crucible, on patrol or on a strike mission. He works as a fireteam leader forming his team working together against all odds, but every battle takes it's toll. When the Red War started and losing his light many of his friends died. Talos was in deep sorrow, after fleeing the once last safe city he and many others rallied on the moon Titan, he never dared to try and fight again in fear he would lose his life again one last time after until he found enough courage to take back the last city. The day is won and his powers returned. he believed he will never lose anyone ever again but as the saying goes beggars can't be choosers. Slowly the years went by and after meeting a new friend, Carlin-4 he heard of the lost of cayde-6's life and disappearance of the 4 worlds with the people who reside there. he felt the same again when he was powerless, soon he began to listen to the whispers of salvation.DIAN: Dian was the third of the team too rise. He is an awoken hunter who was founded by Shaw Han. he wanted to help him in the cosmic drone and he went on his first ever strike mission teaming with Talos and Carlin-4 to go and defeat Navota. He asked if he could stay with the two he meet, Talos was hesitant at first but Carlin-4 took his offer. Talos trained Dian to be the best he could be with his powers and he build a bond of trust with Talos. However the one thing Dian is worried about is what he heard about the guardians using a new dark power. he swear he will never use it or trust anyone with it.CARLIN-4: He was the second to rise right after the traveler awoke. He is an exo warlock who found a ship and his ghost returned him to the city tower. For several months he did not fight but rather spent time in the city library trying to learn anything he could about the traveler, history, science, etc. He then finally went to the moon Io to meet Asher Mir and wanted to learn everything he could about the Vex, Asher asked Carlin-4 to assist him anyway he can and teach him of what he knows. During his patrols he meet Talos on his way to destroy a Vex Mind and asked if he could help. Then after his help Carlin-4 asked if he can join him on his adventures. And Talos agreed and they fought in many battles from the Infinite Forest all the way to the Scarlet Keep. Finally, after meeting Eris Morn he began to learn about the dark secrets deep beneath the moon.WarframeORODAMA: She is unlike the other kids on the Sermon 10-0. She is an only child that comes from a rich family with ties to the Orokin and all she ever cares about is her family. But when the Void drive failed her parents and tried to kill her but she ended their life before they did. She never tried to make friends as she only survived on her own terms. When she woke up she joined the Perrin Sequence to rebuild her family's legacy. She was greeted by Jade and he asked if she'd like to join his dojo, but she wanted to make her own dojo instead. But then she thought maybe she doesn't need to build a legacy alone.SANGRE: He's rather the most ruthless and reckless Tenno in the squad. Sangre was once a nice and calm boy with everyone in the sermon 10-0 ship until the ship's void drive broke and leaked through the ship. He saw many of his friends and family killed by the mad adults. He believed his kindness was his weakness, And when he awoke he joined the Red Veil so he can destroy the enemies of the Tenno. He meet Jade on Deimos Jade ask if he could join his dojo but he'll only join if Jade beats him in a duel. So joined up with Jade's little Dojo after losing in a dual his hope one day is that he can become strong enough too beat him.GUFO: She's the first to join in Jade's squad and she's the knowledge expert on history, lore, science and the Void. During her time on the Sermon 10-0 she was quiet and didn't talk to anyone. However, when the Void drive leaked she taught the other kids how to control their new powers and how to survive from the mad adults. When she finally woke up she joined the Cephalon Suda so she can gather more knowledge all over the Sol System. Gufo first meet Jade in Cetus he asked if she could joined his Dojo. She was excited and joined without question because no one invited her into any dojo ever.JADE: Jade is the squad leader and created his Dojo. But he wasn't as brave and strong when he was young in the sermon 10-0. When the Void leak happened in the ship and the kids had to defend themselves he stood up for them and helped them as best as he could to survive and use their new Void powers. When Jade awakened he joined the Arbiter's of Hexis so he could learn and grow to become the greatest Tenno he could be. He made his own dojo but only a few have joined so far.AnthemALBA LUCE: He was born and raised in Freemark. When he was a young boy his mother read stories to him about the Legion of Dawn and their leader General Tarsis. He dreamed of the day when he would become a Freelancer and to fly high in the sky and fight many monsters. And then his dream came true, he was eligible to be a Freelancer. He chose to be a Colossus so he would be like Tarsis. His first assignment was to move and guard Fort Tarsis after a week of living there he received news that Freemark was destroyed by the Dominion. He was both sad and angry that he didn't save and protected his family so he gave up being a Freelancer. Then one day he was greeted by a man named Lars he asked if he can help him to stop the Heart of Rage and so he gladly helped and put on his javelin again.CONTENTA: She was once a happy little girl who lived in a hidden village and her father was the only the only Freelancer in town. But then the Scar found them. They raided, looted, killed and burned the village only she and her father left and survived the attack and fled to Fort Tarsis. She hated the Scar ever since and she wanted to be a Freelancer like her father so she can get her revenge. Once she become old enough to use her fathers javelin and located the stronghold of Scar and with a team they went in and killed all of them. A week later a man called Lars asked for her help and she agreed to help and to fight again.INRA: He was founded by Sentinels on patrol he was dirty and wounded. He was sent to Fort Tarsis to be treated and healed. He helped with the Arcanists in the study on the Anthem but they didn't know how he knew so much about it. He said it's his study of a friend of his in Freemark who is also a Arcanist. He said that he become a Freelancer to help his friend in his studies. But one day Inra came back to see that Freemark was destroyed and he flew all the to Fort Tarsis. One day Inra was visited by Lars to help him stop the Heart of Rage and he was happy help him since he was not able to help his friend when he needed him most.LARS: Lars and a few other Freelancers went to the Heart of Rage to stop a Cataclysm from growing. but just like the other teams they failed to stop it but unlike the others he didn't give up. Instead he practiced fighting against other monsters and threats until he was ready to go back and finish what he started. He gathered 3 Freelancers to help fight through the Heart of Rage and they all agreed and battle through to silence the Cataclysm.The Villains (spoilers)FANNRIKS the archon priest: He was originally from the Kell's scourge until he and the rest move to a new house called "House of Salvation." Fannriks built the first ever Brigs, which is a two legged tank and more powerful then the Fallen Spider Tank depending on it's size. He helped build the new Fallen City on Europa and he plans to build a more powerful Brig made with Vex technology and powered by Stasis.Description: He has two curled horns on his head, Fallen Brig legs, helmet with pyramid shaped lenses, no cloaks, dark greyish Fallen armor with spiky shoulder pads and HoS logo on chest plate.NEF ANYO: After being rejected and humiliated by his father Parvos Granum he rejected him for the leadership of the corpus. Now instead of birth right to leadership he plans to build a Void gate and stole a Void gate key form the Grineer. He hopes to find a Orokin relic believed to give the user the powers of the Void so he can title himself as "The Voice of the Void".General KODRIN: Kodrin lead his forces to battle Freemark to take a Shaper relic called the Cenotaph, but he and what's left of his army survived the destruction of the city. Now he found a new relic the Tiontaire and legend said it makes the user the will of the Anthem.Description: His javelin is a colossus with black, white and silver paint.ORGITHEON the Thaiphoon Mind: He is one of a few god-like Vex and his purpose is to find many types power to use as weapons. He and his followers search through time, space and reality in all possibilities to find sources of power to use for the Vex and only the Vex. They test these new powers in The Vaults of empowerment where they learn and adapt to use these powers. Then these powers go to Orgitheon in his Arena and he fights an army of Vex with these powers against them and he never fails. For billions of years he has laid dormant he has never found new powers in existence but some have found their way to him.Description: He has 6 long sharp horns on his head, has Vex wings, he's 250 feet tall, his lower half is a 100 Vex tentacles, his top half looks like a normal minotaur but his shoulders are glass spheres which contains the powers he uses.#destiny #destiny2 #warframe #anthem #cross #over #crossover #story #books #OC
Warframe: 'A Game of Komi'[WARNING: Contains spoilers/potential spoilers to the Lore/Story of Warframe!] "So.. you want me to play.. Komi, with you?" The Operator asked, brushing the strands of her long-black hair that dangled in front of her eyes to flow behind her ears, a nervous movement as she looked towards the Warframe in question, while shyly tugging at the tight, 'collar', of brown leather that made her jumpsuit, the golden-hooked ornaments jingling at the movements of her body.The Warframe, sat upon the other end of the, 'L', shaped sofa, lined against the far corner of the rectangular room, a circular table between both the Warframe and her Operator, sat in a way that radiated confidence, left leg over the right, leaning forward as her right hand rested on her knees, and her left against the sofa. Her slender, well-built, physique, covered first in a blackish-brown covering of leather-like wrapping, with thin, marble-white coverings of shining, steel-like plating covered over her chest, the front parts of her legs, and the upper parts of her arms, gilded in gold. The Warframe's head, purposely shaped and designed in a way that familiarised it with a feline grace, given it's ear-like protrusions that spiked out from the sides of her head; with two, cat-like, 'eyes', of golden-yellow light, encircled in gold.Her lower arms had notably bulky, gold-lined gauntlets of marble-steel, with sliding-mechanical claws of steel, made with tiny vents, scorched around the inner rings due to use.. and downwards, beyond the sharp spikes of gold steel that tipped her elbows.. reaching down to her boots, though towards the toe-end, it was into more so a covering of the white-steel plating as before, overlapping a pair of four, golden-clawed toes, with spikes of more gold jutting out like claws atop the three gaps of her clawed toes."V-Valkyr.. are you sure you.." The Operator trailed off, her yellow-golden gaze moving.. to the other Warframe, not too far beside Valkyr, a few metres behind. Her gold-tipped, white-plated, brown-leather boots tapped against the grey-padded floor, muffling the noise as her heeled footwear made her appear somewhat taller as another plating of white-steel wrapped up around her lower legs, reaching up to her knees, with long, golden-winged ornaments shaped as a, 'V', along her kneecaps, swirling around into an ormanental plating that turned into marble-tinted steel along the sides of her thighs, the rest covered with the brown-tinted, sword-skin underlay of, 'leather', as a connected, brown-tinted straps on the plating of her midriff flowed downwards, turning into a dress-like, 'cape', that had covering of white plating along the back, interconnected with straps and stripes of the same, brown-leather wrappings. Following up the middle, 'streak', of brown along her front, running up to her shoulders as adornments of golden, diamond-shaped protrusions gave the aura of a sharp-cutting, stern radiance. Her arms weren't as plated, with the plating of silvery-white steel over the tops of her shoulders and elbows, once more adorned with the golden, jagged additions that kept in line with the motif.. and her, 'gauntlets', of marble-white covering seemed more ornamental than practical, as her iron-clawed fingers glowed with a golden-yellow energy.All as the other Warframe simply looked between the Operator and Valkyr, it's, 'tri-spiked', helmet-like visage of marble-white, lined with gold and brown leather between, almost mimicking the hairstyle of a warrior's hair tied back, with the golden-glowing, 'eyes', of glowing points between the horn-like protrusions only helped to confuse the Operator more.. and considering that, within her right hand, she held a sword-like hilt of white steel and golden, hook-like decorations, notable chunky in design as her left hand's fingers curled between interconnected chains that trailed all the way back to the, 'hilt', added more nervousness and hesitation than reassurance. "Operator, if you intend to play a game of Komi with the parts of your divided psyche that have become your Warframes.." A feminine, mechanical voice buzzed overhead, seemingly coming from everywhere at once, before the room was interrupted by a sudden, static, 'hiss', that was oddly agitating to the ears. "Perhaps, 'not', with the one that has made the Warframe who was, 'made', to fight with pure rage and tear out the throats of the enemy?" The voice questioned.. the Operator then looked back to Valkyr.. then the other Warframe.. who began tightening the grip of her chain-weapon between her fingers. "K-Katia.. you're meant to be reassuring me.." The Operator stuttered, only to be met with another brief interruption of that familiar buzzing sound. "Last I recall, that Khora Warframe that holds another part of you has not tried to kill you.. yet.." Katia stated, sporting a tone that was matter-of-factually. Khora, however, seemed to be giving the Operator a stare that was practically, 'daring', the Operator to not even consider thinking of saying anything on the matter.. it was both unnerving and reassuring, with the whip-wielding Warframe glancing to Valkyr, silently emphasising her silently-voiced point with her holding her weapon more notably.. but also, while looking towards the Operator, only twirled the interlinking chains between her fingers, quite clearly emphasising as well that she, 'will', be partaking in the game.. and with Valkyr.It was difficult to see how her divided psyche would develop within these Warframes.. or even, 'how', it had occurred.. had she isolated herself from her fellow Tenno for so long, that her own, deep desire for familial ties had turned to puppet her Warframes - even becoming apart of them - to simply fulfil that need? Like all Tenno, the desire of family was a strong one, for as legendary and ancient as their deeds and their lucid dreams within their Warframes were.. they are still young. The young Operator could see that her Valkyr has adopted a more.. outward personality, an aura of naive kindness, but a hint of pure, scorching rage hidden underneath.. and Khora, the presence of solitude, shyness.. easily mistakable as a cold bitterness in her aura, but just underneath the, 'shell', was a hopeful, gentle feeling.. as resilient and equal to how spiked and sharply adorned the Warframe was.The Operator's golden eyes turned down to the table, between herself and Valkyr.. a grey-slated, golden-lined and checker-patterned board, with ten sets of circular, tiny discs, one stack white, in front of the Operator, and the other black, placed before Valkyr. "Right.. right.." The Operator sighed, before glancing towards the opposing Warframe. "You go first.." She added, waiting as Valkyr made her move....
Warframe: 'Bonded Fragment'[WARNING: Contains spoilers/potential spoilers to the Lore/Story of Warframe!]The large, marble-white capsule hissed, streams of mist leaking out from the vents on the sides, positioned behind the large alcove of the circular chamber of white steel, with vein-like vines, akin to trees, connected from the capsule, leading into holes up against the ceiling, the white-cyan glow of energy as dream-like, lucid waves of radiant light glowed up the room, contrasting against the gold-lined adornments that circled around the glowing, sun-yellow sources of additional light. Finally, the capsule finished it's emission of mist, the gold-plated front quickly opening, revealing the design of a brown-leather seat, a chair in the shape and design to help ease one's body somewhat upright.. and within, wrapped by shining, dark-brown leather, adorned in golden additions of weaving traces around the legs and arms, buckles against the waist.. a jumpsuit, elegantly made.And then.. she opened her eyes, the golden-yellow glow of her pupils dimming for a moment as she sighed, tiredly brushing back her long, black strands of hair that dangled in front of her forehead.. shortly after, she looked up.. and recoiled in shock, gasping in silence as was greeted by a towering form. "Katia.. my Warframe is.." Her young voice trailed off, going silent.Before her, the tall physique of a slender, yet well-built, female form, donned first in a blackish-brown covering of leather, almost suit-like as thin, marble-white coverings of shining, steel-like plating covered over it's chest, the front parts of it's legs, and the upper parts of it's arms, gilded in gold. It's head, much shaped and designed in a way that provoked a feline grace, given it's ear-like protrusions that spiked out from the sides of it's aerodynamically-cutting design, as two, cat-like slits of golden-yellow light, circled in gold, pierced out towards the young lady. It's lower arms had bulky, gold-lined gauntlets of marble, with sliding protrusions of sharp, long claws of steel, designed and built in a way that clearly showed tiny vents, notably scorched around the inner parts.. and downwards, beyond the sharp spikes of gold-encrusted steel that tipped it's elbows.. reaching down to a pair of slender, petite boots, though towards the toe-end, it turned into more so a covering of the white-steel plating, reaching to a pair of four, golden-clawed toes, as sharp spikes of additional gold spiked out like claws atop the three, 'partings', of the feline-esque digits.A brief and static, 'buzz', echoed throughout the room, before falling silent. "Your Warframe is in front of you, yes." A calm, blunt voice of a feminine tone sounded, mechanical in it's tune. "I hope the Operator still has functioning eyes?" The voice asked, mocking in it's statement, yet unnervingly blunt.. and emotionless, which only caused the young woman to sigh in defeat. "Katia, my Warframe, I didn't recall moving it-" Then, she paused, silently staring as she went dead-silent, looking at the frame before her.. it's head suddenly tilted to the left, it's hands more closer to it's hips.. a deathly stare towards the Operator. "It just moved. On it's own." The Operator stuttered, recoiling into her seat more. "Impossible. You are becoming delusional." Katia commented.Shortly after, the Operator gathered some courage, mentally so, while on the outside, her stature showed obvious fear.. the young woman lifted her right hand, waving it slowly in front of the Warframe.. it's head followed in the direction, nothing more, nothing less. "I feel.. strange." The Operator whispered, looking into those glowing-golden eyes of the Warframe. "Like I.. am looking into a mirror.. but my reflection isn't following me." She continued, her own eyes beginning to glow even brighter, like golden stars, as the Warframe, in turn, leaned forward by a few inches, with the Operator gently shuffling herself closer. "It's.. like I am me, on both sides of the mirror.." She echoed, her gaze into the frame only getting more intense."Readings show the Warframe is.. emitting similar readings it does when the Operator is Transference-Linked.. and yet, you are not actively Linked.. this Valkyr must be broken." Katia's mechanical voice echoed, once again. "N-No. I am looking at.. myself.. or some lingering part of.. myself.." The Operator hummed. "Looking back at.. me.." She trailed off, suddenly moving her right hand forward.. the Warframe, in turn, extended it's left, it's golden-clawed fingers gracing against it's Operator's hand.. and then silence. "I feel.. myself, within there, but such a tiny bit.." She continued, sighing. "Yet.. also looking back at me.. but it feels.. different.. like it's not just.. that little bit.." Then.. the Warframe tightened it's fingers, yet still so gently, grasping the Operator's hand, causing the young woman to recoil somewhat out of fear.. but she leaned back forward, sighing. "It's like.. staring into the mirror, again, but the me I see is.. not me.. but inside, it is.." She paused, before gazing longingly into those glowing, golden hues of the Warframe's eyes. "A part of me is now.. apart.. of the Warframe.. it feels like a.." And then.. the Warframe loosened it's grip around the Operator's left hand, only to then grasp at her wrist, promptly pulling the young woman with incomprehensible, yet restraining force and speed, the Operator smacking face-first against her.. the.. Warframe, who promptly moved it's.. her.. arms.. behind the young woman, squeezing her against the towering form.. a hug. "L-Like a.. s-sister.." The Operator finished, only to be met with the Warframe moving it's head to gaze down towards the young woman, tightening it's grip, pulling the Operator somewhat further into itself.. herself, watching intently as the Operator simply gazed back, faintly blushing as the embrace, while with a frame, a, 'once-was', hollow vessel for her own mind.. was now, while still it's own physical shell for the Operator's mind.. was now something more, as if, 'bonded', with some lingering part of her very essence.. giving it a sense of self, yet still of the self of the Operator, but not completely, more so.. familial."I-I suppose.. I.. you.. V-Valkyr.." The Operator stuttered, the Warframe only resuming to intensify the strength she was using to hug the young woman, who gulped nervously to the act.. this Warframe model in particular were renowned for their ferocity and strength.. but she had hope that her new, 'sister', had the restraint and care to not snap her spine in half.. which she appeared to have.. and was greatly thankful for, seemingly such gentle part being infused from the Operator herself.. as much as her power of the mind was, her young, tender form that was her body was weak to the elements and the rest of all in the physical world.. and thus, her Warframe made the other half in an old belief of duality. And then, the Warframe moved her left hand up, gently gracing it along the silken-haired back of the Operator's head, using her golden claws to gently comb the young woman's hair, a faint warmth of the very touch.. such elegance.. sharpness and lethality.. yet there was a tender care, much akin to love.. for the Valkyr was driven by an infused, lingering presence of it's Operator.And so, this Valkyr, Warframe of the Operator, was now a, 'sister', a, 'part', of her very being, once more defying the world of flesh and steel of a single body, a, 'bonded fragment', of her very self....
The Burning Cold by Anendda-Rysden
Warframe Easter Egg - Liset in space by Kataraxie
Handshake by Roboew
Lilium Lotus 1 Resin Print and Paint by JWBeyond
Commission | Gara and Mag by FrostyNovaPrime
Photo Manipulations
Saryn Thick vs Saryn Vanilla (Warframe/Twitter) by CooMaster98
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