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Mature  |  Published: June 27, 2018
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helllloooo! comrades!!!
RENAMON 2018! its finally! done!! and available from FREE!!!

Now lets take a small tour!  *okno*

The new renamon its currently the 4th model what i made for her and the 6th variant since i start to modeling, also actually the model contains the most of the actual generation features,

-full face poser
-IK rig for SFM
-a set of clothes bodygrouped (thanks to :iconwynet:)
-New breast flexes and body slim and leg thicc option to be more accurate to original
-Skin for show her nipples
-BOnes for ears and tails (enable using "bake procedural bones"*)
-Bone helper for thigh and upper/lower arms to softer limbs posing
-extra posable tongue
-something what i can forgot

Wanna Download her????


Wanna export it or have raw files!

WARNING THE RAW BLEND FILE ITS REALLY RAW and was untouched since i exported the model, so that means no textures assigned and no IK rig

Also this model its free!

If you like this model can check out these free SFM models too!!

Vivienne IN SFM! Model Download by warfaremachine 

Like my work?

if you like my models i will really appreciate any donations to support my job and keep releasing free models!

you can do it here!


or in my NEW PATREON!…

See ya comrades!!and fun possing!!

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The renamon blender file is bugged the model doesnt show up for me for some reason, can you tell me how to fix that? Please and thank you.
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warfaremachineHobbyist General Artist
sorry the late reply,

can be a bug of the blender itself, the model was crafted in Blender 2.79

but since blender 2.8 had rewriten a lot the old blend files dont open properly
in order to get the model working you should open it in blender 2.79 and COPy with Ctrl+c the meshes in object mode 
and paste them in blender 2.8 project window, i hope that solve your issue
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Um, how do I access those files exactly? 
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warfaremachineHobbyist General Artist
just need have Blender 2.79 can be found here… and extract some where, this will not reemplace your actual 2.8 setup or installation, its stand alone exe 

and Open blender Blender 2.8 (the one what you had installed by default)

Open the renamon blend with 2.79 and make visible all parts with numpad slash button "/", then select all pieces, and hit Ctrl + C

and now open blender 2.8 window and press ctrl+v

you will need teak some textures shader by the way
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which files should I extract? 
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warfaremachineHobbyist General Artist

open the renamon blend file with blender 2.79
open in the same time the blender 2.8
in Object mode in 2.79 make all model pieces visible and select all tapping "A" then Ctrl+c in the viewport
now go to 2.8 window and paste it with ctrl+v 

that simple :3
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So do i open blender 2.79 or 2.8?

And thanks for the help i really appreciate it.
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warfaremachineHobbyist General Artist
both :3 open the file in 2.79 and copy paste objets in 2.80
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SlayerTheFox115Hobbyist Digital Artist
still waiting for the gmod release. patiently might I add
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Same here. But he said he's not going to.
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Danilo535Student Digital Artist
Hay man... Perdona que te moleste con algo trivial, es la colita. Como la puedo mover? ^^; No tiene punto de flexion :'''v
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warfaremachineHobbyist General Artist
se usa la funcion "bake procedural bones" Aca hay un pequeño tutorial  SFM Quick Tip: Get Control Over Jiggle Bones by Sarcastic-Brony
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Danilo535Student Digital Artist
WOW! No sabia eso! :o

Muchisimas gracias, man! :D :D :D
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LatiosThePegasusHobbyist Digital Artist
Really hope to see this as a Garry's Mod port soon. Would love to use this model. :D
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Great work,i am hoping for some big rena tiddies in gmod
TimteeTheGamer's avatar
We really need the gmod link (no offense, but it is kinda getting a bit tiring just to wait for it. I get animating all the stuff for these can be time consuming at times)
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cocuna1Student Digital Artist
Renamon Resmastered baby~~ you really worked hard on this!!! thanks always!!!
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nice Renamon model looks more detailed than the previous one not that I don't like the 2017 gmod version I still use her but I'll be looking forward for this version on gmod. 
NIckvk20's avatar
Hoping for the NFSW Gmod version. :P
Krystal-fan2005's avatar
again let me know when the gmod version is avalible
Twister245's avatar
same i am still waiting 
Kintarros's avatar
Damn you! i did quit SFM 2 weeks ago and now you release this awesome model... T-T

Great job :3
TimteeTheGamer's avatar
Will there be a gmod link for a gmod playermodel/npc?
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WynetHobbyist Digital Artist
She looks gay, but the armor I gave her makes her at least a bit more manly.
Welcome to you all.      :v
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