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My Bio

HELLO! Welcome to my Deviant Art account! XD

I am a novice modeler but with some knowledge to take my creations to the fabulous Valve game engine known as Source, that means my models are good for GarrysMod Y Source Film Maker!

Check out my gallery and you can find interesting content for both programs!

I follow the furrys sub-culture quite a bit and I belong to the local community - so they will find enough anthro content

I live in Argentina in the province of Buenos Aires, a place full of crazy and crazy people also XD

I am currently studying to enter the CBA of UBA to become a computer engineer.

Life is a constant war where you face things that you think impossible to face alone, and where fear forces you to bend your head

But like a war, you can win with a good plan, enough will, courage and a good arsenal deposited in those you love and trust just like them to you !.

HOLA! sean bienvenidos a mi cuenta de DeeeviuntArt! XD

Soy un modelador novato pero con algo de conocimiento como para llevar a cavo mis creaciones al fabuloso game engine de Valve conocido como Source, eso quiere decir que mis modelos sirven para GarrysMod Y Source Film Maker!

Revisen mi galeria y pueden encontrar interezante contenido para ambos programas!

Sigo bastante a la sub-cultura de los furrys y pertenezco a la comunidad local-, asi que encontraran bastante contenido anthro

Vivo en Argentina en la provincia de Buenos Aires, un lugar lleno de locuras y de gente loca tambien XD

Actualmente estoy estudiando para ingresar en el CBC de la UBA para convertirme en ingeniero informatico.

La vida es una guerra constante donde te enfrentas con cosas que crees imposibles afrontar solo, y donde el miedo te obliga a agachar la cabeza

pero al igual que una guerra, se puede ganar con un buen plan, bastante voluntad ,corage y un buen arsenal depositado en aquellos quienes amas y confias al igual que ellos a ti!.

Saludos y no duden en hablarme XD

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i dunno what to do with this page honestly i want to upload stuff for sake of archiving and preserving my HD draws but at the same time this place cannot hold NSFW stuff, don't allow me to post links, cannot effectively upload texts, showcasing suck ass and the popularity of this place its just dropping as hell, i don't like this site anymore if you want to check out more of me, can and please look for Twitter https://twitter.com/WARFAREMCHINE i post progress and shitposting there daily
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Years ago, DeviantArt served me as a confort place to showcase my artwork, and be an safe for all things i did during my "artistic" life, also im really aware what im not an decent artist if we want to go to raw point of my art pieces and keep away my 3D skills, However its the last point what it matters for me lastly, i went from a comic creator "wanna be" to an professional 3D nsfw artist what do this for literal living, and of course passion of the 3D character creation, driven me far than what i expected years ago, starting with the fact i went into NSFW artwork, i went at will for a place where it required my skills and where the attention and subsequently, money,they was waiting for me, but despite that, im a person what try to create Cool stuff, even if is NSFW, i must create something what try to fill any scenario if the people wanted, not just senseless big boobs and big ass stuff, and im continuing looking for challenges for fill that, Awesome/sexy/cool balance, Alilkira
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Da its becoming less relevant to me each day, i tried to post an full list for model was impossible, used FA instead :(
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i read that your models can be custom, right?

Hi, been a fan of your models for years! :headbang:

I had an Iron Man joke in my mind after reading your name

If you are interested in my puppets and the content of my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel


Where do I find your Sly model?

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