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Simple Smiley

By ware4me
Well... this is the first smiley of a new series i'm planning to do... or that's what i want.

But somehow it might be thougher to do it as I want.

Please let me know what you think of the size color and little expression, is it odd, ugly... useless? x.x

There are tons of smilies out there, if this one resembles another one, forgive 4me, is not meant to be that way, I'm just trying to make my mind on what kind of smilies i want for my community. u.u
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Lovin' it's expression!

I noticed how well done that highlight is, perhaps make the line around it a bit lighter too, although this is a cartoonish looking piece and you shouldn't spoil it.

But it just shows how wonderful simplicity can be.
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Thanks, I'll think about the outline, is not a bad idea :)
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Simple, yet adorable.. Love it :)
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thank you very much! ^^
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perhaps moving the smile SLITGHTLY down :D this is vewwy cute
ware4me's avatar
oh, you mean moving the expression down, so it looks like it is watching to the floor? ^^,
GuywhoDunDrawzorz's avatar
ohhh, no, just meant move teh mouth a little but lower ^^;
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ohh.. hmm... ok, i'll think about it, thanks XD
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no problem :D i had troubles making a face for a smiley b4.... if u used layers, make the body invisible cuz sumtimes the face snaps to a certain area and skips the are u wan
ware4me's avatar
Oh, yeah, layers so handy :3
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how cute .. !!
this is lovely smile ^.^
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>^^< thank you!!!
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Oh my goodness, this is just ADORABLE. >X3

It looks really nice. C:
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^^ thanks for the favm and your comments.
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wow, thanks for the fav ^^,
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Yer welcome! <3
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lmao xD
It's pure awesomeness 4me =P
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