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Welcome to Wardhighlands Excellent Stallions and Mares (WESM)!

Please comment below that you agree to the terms of service for WESM's breeding program. Any slots that are open will not be able to be purchased until you have signed my agreement program.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a note and I will respond as soon as I can!

My Breeding Terms

Bullet; Red  * NEW as of 3/34/17* Do not ask for slots on my foals; not only is this against the groups rules but it shows disrepect for the foals design! If you would really like to see their adult ref, and consider a slot later, please have a kind comment. Be nice, compliment the design, and kindly ask that if I remember to then please send you a link to the adult ref!
Bullet; Red  * NEW * If you do a slot trade with me DO NOT try immediately profiting off that horses, selling their geno (I would like a note first before this is done. Simply because some people have been doing free slot trades just to sell high priced foals), auctioning off slots at high prices, etc. That's very disrespectful. Price the slots accordingly but don't be greedy, a slot trade is a generosity. With that said, don't be discouraged to ask for slot trades! I do them very often and I'm happy to work with you!
Bullet; Red With the Exception of Forest x Mountain hybrids WESM Stables will NOT do any Crossbreeding! This is to ensure the safety of both the mother and foal.
Bullet; Red WESM will not check to see if two horses are related, that is your responsibility! Any and all resulting illness to the foal is not my responsibility; you will not receive a refund or any other form of compensations. So please be careful (you should always check when you breed two horses, not just for me)!

Bullet; Red WESM Stables now requires One Slot to the resulting foal from a breeding. If a slot is not wanted, or otherwise stated, you will be informed. Please also note that this does not apply to foals created/bred or slots bought prior to my creation of this agreement.

Bullet; Red WESM Stables does NOT hold slots for breedings! Period, if you want a slot and you request it then your payment is expect within the given time. Anyone found trying to loophole this such as requesting a breeding through art payments only to pay in points later will be banned from any future breedings/sales and will be denied the current breeding.

Bullet; Red Calva/other designs elements should not be a direct clone of any of my Ballators! Please do not clone any of the Calva designs for my Ballators should you get a breeding to them. I do not mind if you have it similar but not exactly the same. Also, if you love the look of the parent and do get the same geno, yes of course you can make them similiar but do not do an EXACT clone. Every ballator should be unique!

Bullet; Red Inform ME if you are going to gift your slots! I don't mind if you want to gift your slot, just let me know so that I don't see a random foal popping up by someone else with one of my horses as the parent :3

Bullet; Red If you no longer desire a foal that you have gotten from a breeding please inform me! I would love to have the option to buy the foal before others! If I do not want the foal and it is sold please inform me of who the new owner is!

Bullet; Red Link me or note me to all resulting foals that are created! Please keep me informed of foals that are created, I want to keep records so I can put them on my horses reference pieces~

Bullet; Red Foals may be designs by you, the other ballator in the pairs owner, a designer/commissionaire, friend of yours, or myself if I have the time.  Currently it is free of charge for me to design a foal from one of my horses, however you must understand that it can take a few weeks to complete. 

Bullet; Red If you are going to DELETE the Foal Design reference then PLEASE inform me FIRST! It becomes difficult to update old references or keep track of lineage when people have deleted designs; if you are going to do this INFORM ME FIRST so that I can save it to my stash to have! 

My Payment Rules

All Payments must be made within a timely manner~ This ensures that you can get your foal and the slot will be completed ASAP. No one wants to be waiting ages to get their new foal!

However, I understand that sometimes life happens and one can no longer afford the slot they wanted or may need a longer time to meet payment. Please, just talk to me! I am more than happy to work something out if I can. 

Bullet; Black Point Payments should be made after I have approve you for the slot, however if you desire time to gather the points then you will be given a two week grace period for which the slot will be marked on hold and unusable until payment. Slots that use both an Art Piece and points require the Points to be paid first before the Art. However you will have a month to complete the art portion. Until that time your slot is marked as unusable.
- Points need to be paid in full before you are allowed to use your slot!
- You must send your payment through whichever option I state; this may sometimes be a gift and other times through the commissions widget. 
- Points paid through the Widget take 14 Days to clear through to DeviantART. 

Bullet; Black Art Payments should be completed within at least one (1) month of your slot purchase! 
- If you can provide a Work In Progress piece of your art payment so that I know you are working on it and not just trying to hold onto the slot.
- Please provide a link to your completed Payment in the comments of the breeding horses reference.
- All artwork must be at least flat colored! No need to add a background unless stated.

Bullet; Black Slot Trades are when both parties exchange a slot for another slot. Meaning that I will give you a slot to a Ballator of your choice for a Ballator of my choice.
Bullet; Black Slot trades are only viable upon request and I may deny them.
Bullet; Black I still require a slot to the foal in a slot to slot trade unless the horses of high rarity or above, then I may consider no slot to the foal! 

Leasing Agreements

WESM Stables is now allowing for our Ballators to be Leased by other Ranchers to enter Shows! Our horses will not be leased to ranches for breeding purposes unless they get enough extra slots to allow for openings.

Bullet; Black You are allowed to treat the horse as your own for the duration of your rental. However you are not allowed to harm or damage the horse in any way.
Bullet; Black More than one person can rent the horse at a time. Meaning you can still rent a horse even if someone else has leased it.
Bullet; Black Leave a comment on the horses reference that you would like to rent and tell us why you are renting it (Shows, Event, etc.)
Bullet; Black The minimal amount of time that you are allowed to keep your rental horse is 2 weeks time. The maximum amount of rental time is 1 month.
Bullet; Black When you rent a horse you must draw 2 Full Body Pieces of the horse with a Detailed Background. You must also draw 1 Headshot Piece of the horse with another Ballator of your choice with a Background. Finally, you must draw the Event Piece/Show Piece that you are entering the horse in. This makes sure that the horse gains stats and is not just being taken for the fun of it.
Bullet; Black If by the time the month is up for your rental and you have not provided the above pieces you forfeit your rental and will not be allowed to rent from WESM Stables again.

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