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Alright, so as you guys know, I will be attending Anime Midwest this year and I’m so super excited.

AND this’ll be my first year of having a line-up set up!

Friday (Morning-Afternoon)- Attack on Titan’s Jean Kirchstein
Friday (Evening)- Black Butler’s Snake from the Circus Ark

Saturday (Morning-Afternoon)- Homestuck’s Cronus Ampora, bloody
Saturday (Evening)- Homestuck’s Kankri Vantas, hornless

Sunday - Black Butler’s Snake from the Circus Ark

As you’ve noticed, I’ll be in Snake twice next weekend.

You’ll also notice, fellow attendees, that I’ve lined-up according to meet ups. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to make the Black Butler meet up as the Homestuck meet up is also on Saturday.

Changes may be made depending on the times of the Homestuck and Black Butler meet ups.

Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan is officially finished.

The boots were all I was missing from this cosplay and now they are being shipped to me! 

I hope to do a photoshoot soon of the finished product and I hope all you Shingeki No Kyojin fans will enjoy it! I would love some constructive criticism as well!

I'll also need one of a beautiful long eared owl for my right arm and a cherry blossom design for my back!

SO SOMEONE PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME. Your artwork will be forever on my body if this can get done for me!
Alright our room and badges are paid for so it's official!


My Jean Kirschtein cosplay is officially complete with jacket and apron.
Snake is almost complete. I simply need the costume itself and it's possible it won't be here on time.
As for Homestuck, unless I can get someone to make "sawed off horns" for Cronus headcanon that he sawed off his horns to be more human, I'll just go as human Kankri.

Now, I've never been to Chicago, so I'm a bit nervous.
And I hope to attend other cons in the future to meet some new people and maybe some internet friends!

I'd love to hear from others attending this con so I can meet you guys!

When I get the chance, I'll do an AoT cosplay shoot with my Mikasa and maybe get one for Snake later on!

ALSO, feel free to note me anytime. I know my account has been dead, but I still check it occasionally and I'd love to hear from you guys.

Drawings may be coming back soon, so let me know if you're interested in them.
Friday - Black Butler: Book of Circus (Snake)
Saturday - Homestuck (Kankri)
Sunday - Attack on Titan (Jean)

Changes may be made according to photoshoots.

Also, Jean may be replaced with Tamaki Suoh. 

I may end up in Snake all three days, only changing into Kankri for the Homestuck shoot and Jean/Tamaki when I feel like changing character.

Thinking about signing up for the Date Auction for someone to win me as a date to the Cosplay Ball XD

Might not though XD
So, I plan on going to Anime Midwest this year in Chicago.

I plan to at least have most of Steampunk Harley Quinn done and I'll be with a Steampunk Poison Ivy and Joker.

If you're going this year as well, comment below.

I'd love to meet you all!
So, I am apart of a cosplay group called Swiggity Swooty Cosplay. The name is a joke between those of us in the group, and yes, we know it comes from a meme.

So far, we are only doing Homestuck coslay, but we will expand that eventually.

So, yeah, check out our dA profile when you can.

Okay, so back to this topic!

So, Eridan won't be finished in time for the con.

But Karkat is.

I've also begun my AOT/SNK cosplay that'll be nearly finished for the con.

I'm doing Jean without the jacket or apron. I couldn't afford the jacket, harnesses, shirt, apron, and wig at once, so I bought the shirt, harnesses, and wig.

I have long black boots that'll work until I can find a proper pair that I can afford.


My friends and I have been approves for 2 of our panels!

Both are Homestuck ask/dare panels! Dare a Beta is 13+ and After Dark is 18+
So, as you guys know, I've pretty much finished my Karkat cosplay.

I'm working on Eridan right now.

After Eri, I will be either doing Equius or Uta (Tokyo Ghoul).

If anyone has suggestions for my next few cosplays, just let me know! I'm open to a lot!
My friends and I all plan to go to Anime Crossroads next year!

We almost have everything paid for!

We are also hosting 3 panels!


Karkat cosplay is done, by the way!

Rufioh is on the way!

Eridan too!
I have nearly finished my Karkat cosplay! 

All I have left to do is re-make my horns and receive my chest binder!

I'm so excited!!

I hope to see a lot of you at Anime Crossroads 2016!

Pictures of my shirt and wig will be posted soon enough!

I'm too lazy to put on my face paint.

I need your help!

My friend and I are looking for Homestuck cosplayers in Indiana for Anime Crossroads 2016 in February to be a apart of a Homestuck panel!

There are only 3 guaranteed cosplayers going!

I'm going as Karkat, Paige is either Mituna or Kankri, and We are still figuring thing out with Blake.

We may have a possible Gamzee and Hussey.


Please note me if you are interested! We need all the help we can get.
Who would watch my vlogs if I were to make a YouTube account? quesKawaii Shoujo (Question Mark) [V1] 

I'd be up for any topic you'd like me to discuss and such. I'm open to just about anything, as long as it doesn't cost money because I'm broke and I'm saving up for an Eren Jeager cosplay :D Attack On Titan Icon: Moves Like Jeager 

But yeah.

I'd like start making videos again that appeals to people.

So, whaddya think?
ALRIGHT. I've been inactive lately. I'm sorry.


My friends Mariah, Becky, and Matt will be joining me in an FNAF 2 human cosplay! FNAF 1 cosplay will come sometime afterward.

So, our parts:

Me: Mangle, Foxy, Springtrap

Mariah: Bonnie, Toy Bonnie, Marionette

Becky: Freddy, Toy Freddy, Security Guard

Matt: Chica, Toy Chica

Chica and Bonnie will be gender bent.

Becky and I plan to keep the gender of our characters. 

So far, the calculation for complete Mangle, Toy Bonnie, and Marionette cosplay is over $336. We plan to raise the money through a yard sale and with the three of us working at Indy Scream Park, we should be able to afford the FNAF 2 cosplays.
Destery: We're back!

Daysu: Miss us? ... Yes? Well, I'll be here for a very long time ;D

Destery: -_-'

Ume: Ugh. Daysu, shut your annoying trap.

Daysu: Bitch! WHAT YOU SAY?


Destery: Uhhh... We'll be back. We have some uhm... technical difficulties.

SO YES. My characters have come back from the dead! SURPRISE!
I'm back!

So, I apologize for being inactive for a while.

Been very busy!

Attended prom, studying for finals, planning epic cosplay, and setting up my gamer channel!


I also want to create an epic horror game based on my story that has yet to be named!

So, if anyone knows how to create them, please let me know! I wanna design it, but I'm unable to actually create the movement and coding and such.

And my gamer channel will be running soon. I will be playing under Pinkie Pi and I'll be taking requests of games from the internet to play!
So, as you guys can see, the only art I really have on my account is a drawing of my Rosario + Vampire character, Koneko Nekomone. 

Yes, her mother is Shizuka Nekomone.

Anyway, she was drawn on MS Paint and she took me about 3 days to draw.

Most of my artworks will be drawn on MS Paint since I don't have a scanner and I get tired of trying to get a proper photo of my drawings.

They will also be finished on Gimp 2 so the artworks don't look as sketchy.

That's about all I have to say about that matter.

But, I am going to post the last two chapters of the ongoing fanfiction The Renai Club. My friend, Alse, and I are still working on more chapters.

Also, I am currently working on a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction that takes place just before Battle City. There'll also be one for GX.

So, more writings you guys.
Yep. Its that time of the year for students. 


I've been studying non-stop, but I still only managed a D on my History final. Thankfully, my teacher curved the grade and my D became a B.

No one can trust someone who actually likes Finals Week... Right?

Nope. No one really can.

And you know why?

Because that usually means they like school.

I'm not trying to sound like this school-hating teenager/young adult, but honestly, I'd like some sleep every now and then.

Am I right?


Probably Not.

Who knows?