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Vampire Club Meeting

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I remember when vampires use to be scary. Now even the classic 1931 Dracula is rated TV G.
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Alaxr274Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Count Duckula couldn't make it.
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*Insert generic, overblown, overdone, overused, and generally just cliche at this point Twilight insult here.
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Kaname and Zero should be there! Zero would shoot Edward with Bloody Rose, and Kaname would just side with Dracula on the whole thing. Alucard would just die laughing.
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AdrianVonNightshadeHobbyist Traditional Artist
don't worry Drac, you still have Hellsing
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ragtimesHobbyist General Artist
Just another night at the vampire club
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At least we still have Count Cocofang.
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The television rating system in the United States is a complete joke.  There is essentially zero oversight.   It's not like the MPAA or the ESRB where you have to submit the product to be evaluated and the evaluators assign a rating.  Those who make the shows choose the ratings themselves.

For example, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) gave the 1931 version of Dracula a PG rating on the grounds that it "contains mild horror".  And the Australian Classification Board (ACB) gave the 1931 version of Dracula a PG rating for "mild violence".  But you make a good point when you say the original Dracula movie was much tamer compared to today's versions.

Here's another piece of trivia.  On Sesame Street, Count von Count used to be able to hypnotize people and/or other puppets.  For some reason he does not hypnotize anyone anymore.
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MolemanNineThousandHobbyist General Artist
The classic Dracula being rated G has nothing to do with lame vampires being around since then, it's actually because of other newer horror (not necessarily about vampires) that makes it look family-friendly by comparison.
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
Watch Hellsing.  You'll find some good new members there.
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I vote off the sparkly sissy on the end there
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2 funny, great work!
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 It's the moustaches, my dear fellow; how can an immortal paranormal predator look properly imposing without a prodigiously nasty mouse-catcher to add the proper air of sexual deviance mixed with savoir faire? 

 Ahem … I stand by my contention, although I would like to apologise for any offence inadvertently given by my over-enthusiastic (yet arguably accurate) remark.:D (Big Grin) 
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MDTartist83 General Artist
Dracula for the win.
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menslady125Hobbyist Filmographer
Hmm...I'll take Dracula.
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What is Cullen doing here?
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You know you are a sucky vampire when Count Chocula and Count von Count are considered more badass vampires than you.
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redandsymmetryHobbyist General Artist
no there is mlp vs twilight
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rainbowstardragon123Student Traditional Artist
the greatest crossover ever would be between My Little pony and Twilight, it would end with Twilight sparkle
teleporting Edward into space (I seriously doubt I'm the first one to come up with that)
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Rinkusu001Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The 1931 Dracula is rated PG?! NOOOOOO!!! :icondeargodnoplz: Where did all the real vampires go?....
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The Count, you are fine. Count Chocula, you are great. Mr. Sparkle Bitch, You will die now
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TehBigBangHobbyist Traditional Artist
Needs more Remilia Scarlet >w> /shot
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I actually like the idea of vampires sparkling.

Twilight just fucked up a perfectly good idea, because it's written badly.
I like the idea of vampire's skin looking odd in sunlight, making the sunlight not fatal, but inconvenient, if they want to keep their cover.
And actually some of the description in the book sounds great, how the vampires are statue-like etc.

But then she describes that as sexy.
Really? If I saw a human looking like a marble statue I'd be creeped out.
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