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June 29, 2018
Violation of a Human Mind by WarbringerVI
Featured by KovoWolf
Suggested by WhimsicalBlue
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Violation of a Human Mind

There will be a story for this artwork written in detail but for now, I'll leave the gist of it.

Governer Saltzpyre Lominack buys an art piece in one of Terra's biggest art auctions. Thing he doesn't know is this painting named "Ma'grakroth", it's an ancient piece that no one knows where it came from. Only thing that is known about the piece is every place it ended up suffered a faith unknown to others. 
Saltzpyre Lominack will suffer a fate that's worse than death in coming weeks with the painting bringing doom through him and destroying his mind then calling the servants of the Blood God to the material realm using sacrifices of his servants and his wife.

Artwork is edited by :iconjhkris: and :iconjoazzz2:.
Imperial Storm Trooper models made by :iconsuperninjanub:.
SM Bloodletters models are made by :iconjoazzz2:.
Other stuff is from workshop and Facepunch forum.

Songs that I think really fits what's going on here.
Rachmaninoff Prelude in C# minor Op. 3 No. 2 (Morceaux de Fantaisie):…
K. 626 Mozart Requiem in D minor, Lacrimosa dies illa:…
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BrutalityInc's avatar

They are too late.

Superb artwork. But have the Stormtroopers arrived in time?

SkyPotatoFire's avatar

So much activity in this image and the lighting and tone is magnificent. The veil of reality is breached !

Lucius-VIII's avatar

I have thought about this piece afew times since i first seen it last week, beautiful work.

Brother, hand me the flamer. The HEAVY flamer!

dogjustcuzdog's avatar
SorenMaelstrom's avatar
Small nitpick: the clock over the open Portal to wherever says 5:00 but the clock tower in the window says 10:10

Which time is it?
WarbringerVI's avatar
Time doesn't matter when warp is in effect.
commanderjonas's avatar
Wow! :D

This is very VERY nice :nod:

The attention to detail and the feel of this pic is awesome.

Also, congrats to the DD :D
MisterAwesomeness's avatar
Hey there! Can I get your permission to use this as Cover Art for a Novel I am in the process of writing. 
Looking forward to hearing from you if you are still in the artistry business.
WarbringerVI's avatar
Hello, I have to say no to that. Thanks for asking though.
MisterAwesomeness's avatar
Alrighty then, Thanks for replying!
You don't have any idea how many people just flat out Never respond.
Keep up the good work :)
camelotcrusade's avatar
Awesome!  I can feel the excitement and the drama! ✨
Prcalo's avatar
Crazy-Knife's avatar
Superbly executed with excellent composition and color contrasts of red and green. Surprised I haven't come across this before.
WarbringerVI's avatar
Thanks, it was a really long scene to finish for me. Still waiting my friend to finish the story so I can add it here.
SPGinc's avatar
Foolish mortal, so easily lured by the temptation of fine artwork. Excellent picture by the way- oh frag!
rutzilla's avatar
astudyinimagination's avatar
WOW. This piece is haunting and horrifying and amazing!
KarakNornClansman's avatar
This is bloody fantastic!
Geoffryn's avatar
Batman...this villain is summoning a Dungeons and Dragons demon from hell!

Yes,'s our old archenemy, the Dungeon Master!

Holy orcs and goblins, Batman!
WarbringerVI's avatar
Geoffryn's avatar're probably WAY too young to know about the 1966 Batman on TV! :)

It's available on DVD now, on Amazon.
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