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Sorcerers of Tizca

Unoffical visit of Roboute Guilliman to discuss how to make Ultramarine psykers into better weapons for warfare.

Space Marine models are made and picture is edited by :iconjoazzz2:.
Magnus the Red, Thousand Sons re-textures with new bodygroups and Ultramar Auxillia is made by :iconsuperninjanub:.
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Prospero would look like this if Wolf man didn't listen to Horus and have some reason behind that Furry skull of his.

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Leman was more thick headed then Rogal, Rogal despite his nature was more then flexible the understand and how to circumvent certain scenarios,

i would love to see thousands sons training ultramarines psykers and other legions into librarians

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"I weep for the world that was lost."
wait so this picture is non-canon? also the cat is suppose to be Prosperine Lynx right? which should be the size of horse and about as tall to a space marine's chest?
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I love what you've done with the background. It looks amazing!
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Dang, you did this with SFM? It's awesome. Really cool.

Now I need 40K stuff on SFM more than ever.
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It's like alternative Rome Empire.
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I love the way that the guardsmen look. 
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where did you get that ship model? Ripped from BfG?
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Those ships are edited in by Joazzz. They are not 3D models basically.
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aah, so I guess no one has done such a thing yet?
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Not yet much as I know.
Lvnnkartistries's avatar
ah well, good to know ^^
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Splendid work, sir. The candid nature of the scene lends it great realism. Bravo.
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my guess is that this came after the Osirian thing
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So many kitties X3 This is awesome :D 
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damn fine work good sir!
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nice work why don't you check out my page although its not as good because i don't have enough money for decent equipment but I'm hopping people will donate so that i can do more creative things with my art.
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really great scene! well done
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absolutely magnificent
just about the only thing i'd complain about is the leftmost guy on the bench, he has some pretty bad clipping going on
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Shit... It's too late for that to change besides that thanks.
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Who could of foreseen what kind of shit was about to go down. Great render!
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Freaking dope!!! O_o
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