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I knocked this up quickly in the GIMP when I saw this [link] which made me chuckle. The fox is from this image [link] by Sean Martell and the circuitboard is from this image [link] by "johnmuk". Due to the copyleft nature of Creative Commons works this image is also under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike NonCommercial license (how I hate to use a CC-NC license. *sigh*).

The download is as large as it is due to my inclusion of the GIMP format file. I'm sorry this doesn't constitute full 'source', since the GIMP isn't completely nondestructive yet (many thanks to the GEGL people for their work. Any day now....)

By the way, I use Epiphany. I've tried getting the pre-pre-pre-alpha WebKit hack, but couldn't get Epiphany to build with it (I got WebKit itself built, and it seems nice)
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I prefer to use other browsers anyway, just because Firefox apparently isn't 'quite' native. Also, since I'm a KDE 4 user (occurred after this deviation), I use Rekonq, even after being a happy user of Konqueror for a while.

Just so you know, Webkit was originally derived from KHTML, which Konqueror uses, and Webkit was never closed. It just wasn't very well implemented on the free desktop for a while.