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Pinups - YANK Magazine by warbirdphotographer Pinups - YANK Magazine by warbirdphotographer
Today's airbrushed style pinup photo features Kayla in this tribute to YANK magazine of World War 2. First published in June 1942, YANK magazine was a weekly magazine published by the US Military with articles written by enlisted soldiers available in all theaters of the war to any service many for about 5 cents to 10 cents (later on during the war). The reason for there being a cost to the soldiers was the thought that they would actually appreciate the magazine more. Made of a newspaper like material, these magazines featured a host of different stories from personal accounts to new advancements in technology plus some stories from back home in the states. The back cover always had editorial cartoons that were very popular, however what made YANK magazine the most popular was a full page pinup gal in every issue dressed in bathing suits, sexy outfits, or posed in some seductive manner. These full page pinups would often be found posted throughout barracks.

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Model: Kayla
Photographer: Britt Dietz
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