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Nose Art Pinups - 'Puss N Boots'

Here's Melissa in a nose art titled 'Puss N Boots' Nose Art from a B-24H Liberator 41-28835 from the 15th Air Force, 484th Bomb Group. It's hard to think of World War 2 aircraft without envisioning the classic pinup Nose Art of the time. Pilots and crew would adorn the nose, engines, and sometimes even waist or tail of their aircraft with rather colorful artwork giving the aircraft not only a name, but a personality. Accompanying catchy slogans, ironic phrases, or names of loved ones back home the Nose Art was often completed with a pinup girl. The Nose Art pinup girl found herself in all sorts of situations, and most of the time she would be devoid of clothing or be in the process of losing said clothing due to some unfortunate event. The pinups would often be direct copies of pinup girls produced by the pinup artists of the time... George Petty, Vargas, Al Moran, Gil Elvgren, and more. In fact, there were many instances where the pinup artists would be contacted by a crew member and a special pinup sent their way with the blessing of the artist. Pinups would be painted by talented artists within the aircraft group with whatever paints were available at the base or for purchase in England; one person often doing many of the Nose Art works for many planes. The Nose Art pinup girls were given a blind eye by higher command, as it helped to boost morale among the crews whose average life expectancy during the start of the war was about 13 missions. 

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Model: Melissa
Photographer: Britt Dietz
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