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Board Game Night

Drakken: "SHEGO! Can't you see I'm trying to take over the world?"

Phew...after many deliberations, it is complete! Please full view (1600x1200)! There is also an even BIGGER version available via download (2500x2000). :o

For *drakkenfan's Doctor Drakken contest :) For more Drakken goodness, check out her page!

EDIT: Anyone who downloaded this BEFORE March 20th, 2007, there was a slight pixel misalignment...I've since corrected the problem and you can view the proper version by downloading again. Thanks!

All characters © Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle, Disney
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If Drakken sucks that much at Risk, he wouldn't last five minutes if he played Axis & Allies, thats for sure.
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Just came across this again, and looking back, this makes complete sense.

-Shego is the best amongst them, obviously. She's just too lazy to put any effort in villainy beyond being Drakken's chief henchwoman and enforcer. When she puts the effort in, like in Sitch in Time, she shows that she is more than capable of taking over the world, even forcing the other three under her command. Therefore, she knows how to value her assets to maximize potential.

-Drakken coming in second and losing shows that he's leagues below Shego, but his strategic thinking puts him ahead of Killigan and Fist. He leads an army of henchmen and is the one who comes up with plans that are usually pretty decent, if somewhat overly complicated, though he continuously fails to factor in Team Possible. He came pretty damn close to taking over the world in So the Drama with a children's toy design, a synthrodrone teenager and a brain tap machine. He's adaptable and rather crafty, and usually knows how to use his assets.

-Fist usually works in a small group, namely that of his monkey ninjas. Beyond that, he works on smaller scale than outright taking over the world through force, usually favouring going after various mystical artifacts that will empower him. On large scales, he doesn't have as much experience with utilizing assets.

-Killigan is a loner. There was that one time he worked with Drakken, Shego and Fist, but otherwise I can't remember when he worked with someone. Even then, he didn't work as a strategist and wasn't in charge of anything, he just went in and blew up whatever. He's the worst off, since there's nothing hinting that he knows how to disperse assets.

Of course, this is extrapolating each of their villain experiences and taking it to a tabletop game, but I just felt like it really matched.
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That's so funny, they play. XD
As far as I'm concerned, this is a still of a missing scene from a real episode somewhere - it's just too perfect!
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Drakkanada, how I laughed that episode.
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Well, Drakken is still better strategist than both Duff and Monty :P
Aeliren85's avatar
Hey, he still lasted longer than Duff and Monkey Fist.
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This is awesome :)
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This is absolutely perfect.
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loooool outstanding work. Hilarious lol. I love it, well done ;)
Risk is just no fun with two players.
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Yay Shego got what she wanted, Iceland :)
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hahahahaha go shego don't let dr.d win
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ha! That's exactly what would happen. Poor Drakken.
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i love this pic lol, really funny, good job:)
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Looks like things are going south for "Drakkcanada"
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This is awesome xDD Love it xDD Funny and cute xD
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Heh, Shego rules the world.
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drakken, you fail to understand.
Shego ALWAYS win. *this comment is not legally binding, and do not include teen cheerleading heroes*
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haha, looks like Shego's winning.

I made a take over the world board game once. I was pretty good at it, but nobody wanted to play because one, they thought i was tricking them into thinking the wrong rules, and two, everyone found it a little strange that i made this kind of game... :/
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omg! that looks like it would be the most funnest board game EVER! I want to play!! :(
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In Brazil, this game is simply called "War". :)
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