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Welcome to WARBAND! A fantasy comedy by MagusFerox

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In ancient times, there was war between the five races, a war ultimately won by the Dragons-- when they dropped their savage sorcery bombs on the Elves. The elf homeland was turned into a poisoned wasteland, and the Elves themselves were warped by magic, changing the fiber of their being. They found themselves inextricably dependent on environment, and forced to scatter across the globe. The Sea Elves went into hiding in the sea, the Sand Elves vanished into the desert, the Snow Elves disappeared into the frozen north, and the Forest Elves haunted the forests of the land.

The story of WARBAND follows a group of Snow Elves trying to survive in harsh conditions, resorting to raiding and adventuring to bring rare resources home to their people. They deal with some really gray morality as they're forced to make hard choices for the well-being of their kinsmen.

WARBAND is largely inspired by TV shows like Vikings, old comics like Poison Elves, and every Dungeons and Dragons game I've ever played in my life. D&D is the driving inspiration, and while this is a comic book I feel like I could probably write this up into a D&D campaign. It's heavy adventure, excitement and romance, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying creating it.

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Gallery Folders

Secret World Legends: Faction War by MagusFerox
Notes on Anathoth's Armor by MagusFerox
HEARTSTRIKE - Belyxion by MagusFerox
BLACK DOG - Elias by MagusFerox
WARBAND Comics and Stories
WARLOCKpg20 by MagusFerox
WARLOCKpg19 by MagusFerox
WARCRYprologue 014 by MagusFerox
WARLOCKpg18 by MagusFerox
WARBAND Commissions
Teegin Outfit Design (2020-2021) by LAN0RA
Micah Arclight - Commission by anniecoleptic
Micah Outfit Design Commish (2020) by LAN0RA
Ferox Outfit Design Commish (2020) by LAN0RA
If I Could Live In That Moment by MagusFerox
Seiph by anniecoleptic
Ferox colorme magusferox by rainbowTrekki
Anathoth - Noble Prince DLC skin by Kain-Moerder
WARCRY Cover by MagusFerox WARBAND Chapter 1: WARLOCK by MagusFerox

   You can read full pages of WARBAND on my Patreon website as soon as they're finished. I publish the comic pages there right after I'm done drawing them, so this is the quickest way to get the story. Subscribing to my Patreon costs as little as $1 per page, and it makes me feel great about creating this story and motivates me to get it done. Long time subscribers to my Patreon will get a free copy of the WARBAND books once I'm able to publish in dead-tree format, so sign up as soon as you can!

   About a month after the page has been published on Patreon, I'll publish them on my websites. WARBAND is still a webcomic that's free to read online, it just takes a very long time for the free version to update. Be sure to subscribe to my Patreon to get the story as soon as it's drawn! You can read it on my personal website here:

   WARBAND is also available on Tapastic, and can be read here:
It's released on Tapastic around the same time it's released on the website. If you're a Tapastic user please do subscribe!

Happy reading, and please do let me know if you enjoy WARBAND! Feedback keeps me alive and running!

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