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RageComics: Not the time for jokes by waraulol RageComics: Not the time for jokes :iconwaraulol:waraulol 19 61 RageComics: Feel Like a Ninja by waraulol RageComics: Feel Like a Ninja :iconwaraulol:waraulol 21 21
My Vocaloid headcanon part 1
Here I just want to recollect infos about the ages, items, and (if applicable) personality of official Vocaloids out there.
Note that some of these are indeed canon (and I'll note that later), some are widely accepted by fans, while some others are my approximation (because they lack official ages, or because I haven't got the info on those yet).
So if you see something wrong, please tell me immediately. I'm open to opinions and constructive criticism, although I'd like to remind you that since they're mostly blank slates, you just have to make your own headcanon if you disagree with mine. =P
P.S - when I said "general personality", I mean I took the default portrayal of them, not when they're in certain songs (for example, Rin in Daughter of Evil), although some of their personalities are indeed influenced by popular songs.
This part covers 17 Japanese Vocaloid 1 and 2s.
1.Meiko: 25-26 years old (well, she hails from Vocaloid1 engine, so she's kinda old).
Item: Alcoholic
:iconwaraulol:waraulol 36 53
Vocaloid in Meme Faces BONUS by waraulol Vocaloid in Meme Faces BONUS :iconwaraulol:waraulol 116 42 ID: Broccoli n Cauliflower by waraulol ID: Broccoli n Cauliflower :iconwaraulol:waraulol 8 39 WIP 11 Part 2 by waraulol WIP 11 Part 2 :iconwaraulol:waraulol 4 23 WIP 11 Part 1 by waraulol WIP 11 Part 1 :iconwaraulol:waraulol 2 3 Vocaloid In Meme Faces REMIX + by waraulol Vocaloid In Meme Faces REMIX + :iconwaraulol:waraulol 432 393 RageComics: Sudden Japanese by waraulol RageComics: Sudden Japanese :iconwaraulol:waraulol 44 52 Tolerance by waraulol Tolerance :iconwaraulol:waraulol 975 424 RageComics: Bro's annoying GF by waraulol RageComics: Bro's annoying GF :iconwaraulol:waraulol 44 27 Im ripped plz by waraulol Im ripped plz :iconwaraulol:waraulol 6 13 ...Or Megamerge, if you're a Western player by waraulol ...Or Megamerge, if you're a Western player :iconwaraulol:waraulol 95 25 CUL makes Revolution? by waraulol CUL makes Revolution? :iconwaraulol:waraulol 50 62 WIP 10 by waraulol WIP 10 :iconwaraulol:waraulol 7 22 V on the go (Animation) by waraulol V on the go (Animation) :iconwaraulol:waraulol 23 37


Pepsimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan by Drawbro Pepsimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :icondrawbro:Drawbro 1 0 Black Rock Shooter2 by ebifuu Black Rock Shooter2 :iconebifuu:ebifuu 7 8 Fanart - Black Rock Shooter by ebifuu Fanart - Black Rock Shooter :iconebifuu:ebifuu 7 0 Trick and Treat - Halloween by ebifuu Trick and Treat - Halloween :iconebifuu:ebifuu 36 30 Miku, Teto, and Kagamine Twins by ebifuu Miku, Teto, and Kagamine Twins :iconebifuu:ebifuu 3 26 Miku Hatsune by ebifuu Miku Hatsune :iconebifuu:ebifuu 10 8 Miku Hatsune Road of Rainbow ~~ by ebifuu Miku Hatsune Road of Rainbow ~~ :iconebifuu:ebifuu 60 33 Sakura Miku by ebifuu Sakura Miku :iconebifuu:ebifuu 37 35 IA Vocaloid by ebifuu IA Vocaloid :iconebifuu:ebifuu 7 4 Vocaloid - Alice In Musicland by ebifuu Vocaloid - Alice In Musicland :iconebifuu:ebifuu 55 65 zero by Drawbro zero :icondrawbro:Drawbro 3 0 Rape Laugh Base by kisekinokami Rape Laugh Base :iconkisekinokami:kisekinokami 98 48
YOHIO,GACKT conversation + fanart
thats it....if Gackt and Yohio talks like that with each other then in my mind Gakupo and Hio (Yohioloid) are best buddys! xD
well that was fast xDD baw!
:iconp-chan93:P-Chan93 9 14
Shining Tiles: Hatsune Miku by kyuuriin Shining Tiles: Hatsune Miku :iconkyuuriin:kyuuriin 23 16 Roll in bikini by borockman Roll in bikini :iconborockman:borockman 125 36 RMZXA - Atlas - X-Over Summer Bikini Card by Owl-bound RMZXA - Atlas - X-Over Summer Bikini Card :iconowl-bound:Owl-bound 30 3

Fav all the things! :iconallthethingsplz:

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Awesome dodging skillz!

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Kuda Binal
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Useful site for romaji and kanji!
Japanese names -……


Currently obsessed with Vocaloid~ :iconvocaloid01plz::iconvocaloid2plz::iconvocaloid03plz:



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Always remind me...
Guardians and BRS are awesome.
Oh, and Pain likes to play with Russian Dolls.
What? You said that Ralf has stolen someone's move?!
One more: A cyborg trap with rocket launchers placed in the chest!
The little demon is in rage! Can't wait to see it!
Mega Man catches up with Joker and Sirius meme too, you know.
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Name: Franz Ristar (aka Fuzamaru "Ryoku" Rizuki) - not real names, lmao
Nickname: Horsehead/ANON
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: November 19th
Residence: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Favorite Food: Anything cheap
Favorite Color: Green & black
Hobbies: playing video games (mainly fighting games), doodling, browsing Internet, listening catchy music, reading/watching memes
Likes: being alone, finding great ideas to be implemented (as far as this little artist can implement)
Hates: having too little time, work assignments

:thumb281079953: :thumb281078613: :thumb282818526: :thumb282818118: :thumb281079979: :thumb282819649:
:thumb281079141: :thumb281078606: :thumb281078592: :thumb281078589: :thumb306205816: :thumb306205834:

Special Quote:
"I find all jokes and make it done."
" I appreciate faves more than llamas or watches."
"Awesomeness come second, ideas come first."
"You're stupid if you're gonna use stupidity to justify stupidity. Stupidity is to be stopped and forgotten, not to be repeated again."
"For you, the day when I faved your artworks is the most important day in your life. But for me, it was Tuesday."
"I'm a hedonist who lives by pragmatism. I'm whatever the hell I am."
"Being a hardcore fan will bite your ass in the end. Believe me."
"Butthurt - the greatest negative emotion ever."
"Playing ad hominem? You lose your argument."
"With fanaticism comes favoritism. With favoritism comes bias. With bias comes discrimination. With discrimination comes injustice. With injustice comes chaos. With chaos comes destruction."
"Be mature. Be tolerant. Have respect. Show care."
"Those who said "I'm insane" or "being insane is cool" have no idea what it takes to be insane. Oh, and sanity has advantages."


My life is somewhat simple... I go to the college, then I browse my Internet. Procrastination ensues. If I'm not in a college, I'll be a straight hikikomori NEET. Yet, I don't have any place in the internet that I could call "home" (other than the Capcom-Unity forums, and even then I sometimes get bored there).

I'm a plain guy, I'm pretty lacking for anything. Not so much for art, not so much for games, etc. Ah, my failing life.

I hope I can find something fresh here and be really "in". I'm a bit of an antisocial, even in internet. :iconifailplz:

One thing I wanna say is, there are 2 things prominent about me:

1. I'm an apathetic guy. I'm insensitive to other people's emotions, and thus I treat people all the same. Of course, I'm always trying not to be a dick, but accidents do happen...
2. My father always tells me that in order to make yourself easier to relate to other people, you have to show that you have a good knowledge in the topic being talked. That's why I'm kind of a smartass; I tend to act like I know everything.

With that said, I'm trying to be polite and to avoid those problems, but when you find me acting like above, remember: I'm always like that from the beginning.

Enough talk. Don't expect any interesting arts from me. I may have good ideas, but I'm just not a great artist. :iconotlplz:

Some special icons to dump here
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