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obito naruto and menma
commission for :icondidgeridoodle:

Ho god! I really love to draw them all. >_<

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I'm not sure why, but Menma kind of looks like Tobirama.

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Woooh Menma’s here!
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If only things had been different
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What should've been!!!
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naruto with his alter ego and first sensei,can't be better!
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now I'm hungry

:eatingpac-man: :eatingpac-man: :eatingpac-man: 
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AHH!! So freaking cute!! 
This is so awesome and beautiful :D
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I could totally see this happening. If Obito didn't turn bad and if Menma was somehow in Naruto's world. If only...maybe in some sort of OVA hopefully.
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Ahhh so cute! I love their expressions and how natural everything looks :iconiloveitplz: you are amazing~!
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nice & I guess Menma would be the younger brother.
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Ramen lovers of the Narutoverse unite!  :D (Big Grin) CURSE YOU! 
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I like so much this picture! 
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LOL naruto onto next bowl already. This is amazing! Like every detail! This makes me happy because I just watched road to ninja !! ^^
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I love this! Jonin Obito looks really cool! :D
I recognize him and Naruto, but who is the other one? Is it an OC? 
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The other one is Narutos other dimensinal self, his name is Menma from Naruto Shippuden movie Road to Ninja! :)
bito is so handsome
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So well done OuO Beautimous!
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Obito, naruto, and menma, gad dang it menma u messed up the pattern Hatsune Miku-11 (Don't Mess With Me) 
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